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Plastic 1 Gallon Nursery Pots In Bulk Canada

Lettuce contains lettuce and mannitol, which has the effect of lowering cholesterol and promoting blood circulation(plastic plant trays wholesale). Raw food and regular food can help women maintain a slim body. With the changes in the eating habits of the public, the high nutrition of lettuce has become a favorite dish for diners(gallon pot). The demand for lettuce per acre is constantly increasing. How to plant it can make the yield of lettuce high, and the number of pests and diseases is small!

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Each farmer's farmland will apply 1,500 kilograms of farmyard manure and 20 kilograms of biological fertilizer per 60 square meters(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). After tillage, it will be evenly leveled. Seedling transplanting, using 25-30 grams. The method is: first soak in well water for 6 hours, wash and take it with wet gauze, put it at 15 °C to germination, to break the seed dormancy(120mm plastic grow pots), take 3 days to take The tip of the bud can be sown when 80% of it is white.(plastic 1 gallon nursery pots in bulk canada)

Scaffolding should be set up in the morning of the planting, in greenhouses or sheds in winter and early spring, and shade nets or shaded plants in summer(large plastic terracotta pots). When planting lettuce, farmers know this knowledge, the production of lettuce doubles, and the number of pests and diseases is also small! The lettuce is about 30 days old, and can be planted in 6 true leaves. The row spacing is 14 cm × 18 cm. For the planted soil, 50 kg of bio-organic fertilizer is required(12.5cm plastic grow pots). When planting, soil root should be taken and root water should be poured in time.

(plastic 1 gallon nursery pots in bulk canada)The stimulation technique of lettuce cultivation, lettuce Pest control measures(nursery plant pots)! Sowing in high temperature season, the seeds must be germinated at low temperature. In greenhouse cultivation, the temperature should be controlled at 20 degrees Celsius during the daytime. Lettuce seedlings can withstand a low temperature of 5 degrees, and when the temperature is above 30 degrees Celsius, the growth is poor(13cm plastic grow pots). The hair growth period should also be properly controlled, and the water-deficient leaves are bitter.

Cover the shade net and transplant it after 4 pm(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Winter and spring cultivation can be covered with a mulch film. If the temperature is too low, it should be kept warm. If the temperature exceeds 24 degrees, the film should be cooled and ventilated. Lettuce requires more fertilizer, should be applied diligently and more fertilization, generally apply 6 days after planting a small amount of organic nitrogen fertilizer, 20 days after 20 acres of bio-organic fertilizer per acre(14cm plastic grow pots), after 30 days to chase bio-organic fertilizer 15 kg.

Generally, the sowing period is March, and the water is large after planting(square grow pots). Generally, it is watered once every 6 days, and the watering in the middle and late period cannot be excessive. Lettuce likes the cold climate, the suitable temperature for seed germination is about 18 degrees, and it can germinate in only 4 days. When the temperature is above 30 degrees, the germination is blocked(15cm plastic grow pots), and the summer sowing should be treated at a low temperature to promote the enzyme activity and other substances in the seed.(plastic 1 gallon nursery pots in bulk canada)

Lettuce is suitable for slightly acidic soil, planted in organically rich soil, water retention and fertility(cell trays), high yield, such as planting in dry and water-deficient soil, root system is not fully developed, growth is not full, the taste of vegetables is slightly bitter, and the quality is poor. Different growth stages of lettuce have different water requirements. The water content in the seedling stage should be moderate(16cm plastic grow pots), the water content is too small, the seedlings are easy to age, and the seedlings are too wet.

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