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Cell Seedling Tray Supplier In Philippines

Many flower friends who are learning to grow flowers are very confused, and they have gone a lot of detours(162 cell propagation trays wholesale). In fact, many flower masters are stepping on the bodies of various flowers and plants all the way. From killing orchids to raising orchids, to raising orchids, Clivia , Phalaenopsis, Zhu Dinghong and other flowers, I look at a lot of photos of previous years, I really feel that I have made a little progress in flower cultivation(plastic nursery pots). These two days coincide with the end of the year, and it is rare to have a little leisure time, saying Point your own experience, improper, please criticize and correct.

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(cell seedling tray supplier in philippines)About the choice of variety. First of all, we must consider our own breeding environment(128 cell propagation trays wholesale). If the south is bright, we can consider many grass flower plants. Individuals recommend geranium, petunia, and longevity flowers, all of which have the advantages of long flowering period, large amount of flowers, and rich colors. If the north or northeast direction is short, it is best to choose some foliage green plants(plastic nursery pots wholesale), or plants that do not need too much light, such as Clivia, Phalaenopsis, orchid, and green radish.

In addition, if there is a small yard(105 cell propagation trays wholesale), you can consider planting, planting some roses, peony and other flowers, in short, you should consider your own environment. Secondly, we must consider our own breeding level. Novices do not recommend trying some valuable flowers and trees. It is easy to raise and kill, such as cuckoo, orchid, Clivia, etc. It is best to search the plant name network first and see its suitable environmental conditions(black plastic nursery pots), the precautions for breeding. It is easy to succeed in creating an environment suitable for its growth and familiar with plant habits.

(cell seedling tray supplier in philippines)Moreover, according to the local climate, the southern cultivar, the rose(98 cell propagation trays wholesale), the northern rhododendron, gardenia, orchid, are not suitable for the local climate, of course, it is half the effort. About the soil. Regardless of any plant, the requirements for the soil are to be loose and breathable. The structure of the pellets is good, and it can keep water and no water. To meet such conditions, the plants will grow healthily(1020 trays wholesale). The raw materials for the soil can be taken locally, fallen leaves, weeds. , garden soil, pine needles, etc. can be collected by themselves.

In combination with homemade fertilizers(72 cell propagation trays wholesale), it can be mixed with other raw materials, such as bean dregs, fish sausages, chicken manure, etc., according to the root characteristics and growth habits of the plants, and flexible blending, like the "fecal bucket" type plants of the rose, the seedlings can The next heavy fertilizer ensures that the flowers are more colorful. For the meaty roots such as Clivia, it is generally used with cooked pockmarks, sunflower seeds and other fertilizers, and the raw materials with long acting time are used as base fertilizer. In short, we must pay attention to accumulation(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), and local friends can give full play to their advantages and make nutritious soil.

(cell seedling tray supplier in philippines)If there is no condition(50 cell propagation trays wholesale), it is recommended to buy peat + perlite directly, and later water soluble fertilizer, which is a safe and easy to operate soil formula. About watering. Many people are very entangled in the problem of watering, and it is difficult to grasp the words "dry and thorough" and "see dry and wet". So many people buy flowers and are afraid of watering the roots. It often takes more than 10 days or even more than half a month to pour once(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). As a result, the roots are dehydrated for a long time, necrosis, and a watering is rotted.

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