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Eco Friendly Plastic Plant Pots Bulk

Seeing other people's succulent plants are very good(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), many flower friends wonder how the meat is long, in addition to drug stimulation, most of the meaty long-term methods use the destruction of the original tissue to promote the sprouting of the new bud, let us come Take a look at a few common methods. This method uses the most extensive soil, is also the most popular, and the method is relatively simple(5 gallon nursery pots supplier). It is to cut off the head of the succulent plant, and then the plant itself will sprout a number of new sprout points, in order to achieve the purpose of multi-meat.

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(eco friendly plastic plant pots bulk)Because going to the head will make the appearance of the plant more affected(seed starter trays), so the flower-minded friends will figure out the way to get rid of the top of the succulent plant to achieve the purpose of germination. Compared with the first two methods, the leaf-leaving method is more civilized. In fact, it is also very simple. It is in the growing season of succulents (usually spring and autumn), when the succulents are the most robust, in the right place(7 gallon nursery pots supplier). Unplug the leaves of the succulents.

The succulent plants are then placed in a cool(seed starting trays), ventilated place to help the wound heal and sprout later. The common growth state of succulents and its solution: Generally, if you look at it and find that the leaves are wrinkled, you need special inspection. Let's talk about the four reasons why the leaves are wrinkled. Water shortage. After the watering, the next day will be restored. If the next day is not restored, the roots will not be absorbed. To check whether the roots have problems, you can gently shake the plants to feel the roots of the ground(1 gallon nursery pots supplier). Don't blindly pull them out without special circumstances.

(eco friendly plastic plant pots bulk)It may be that the roots are not growing well and need to wait, especially the meat that has just been bought(black plastic nursery pots). Rotten roots. After checking by one method, it is found that the roots are loose, the ground is unstable, and even the stems close to the soil can be seen to be pulled out for inspection. If there is a bad root, the amputation is to a good section, and the hair is re-dried. If the center of the pole is black, the leaves are quickly raked and the leaf is backed up(15 gallon nursery pots supplier). The old leaves are wrinkled, and all of the above may be normal metabolism, which can be managed without normal management.

In addition, if there are many changes on the leaves(plastic nursery pots wholesale), such as wrinkles, it may be caused by bugs, killing or smashing, or pesticides such as pesticides. It is worth noting that the remaining tea and vegetable soup, rotten eggs, etc. should not be placed in pots. In this way, insects and flies will be produced, and the water will be decomposed and decomposed, resulting in heat and odor, which is unfavorable to the roots of plants and hinders indoor viewing. In winter, the plants are in a dormant and semi-dormant state, and the growth is slow(gallon plant pots wholesale). The watering should be controlled. Generally, watering can be done once every 3-5 days.

(eco friendly plastic plant pots bulk)Watering the flowers, it is best to store them indoors for one or two days(plastic nursery pots), and then pour them after the water temperature rises. Watering should be done in the morning on a sunny day in winter. Potted flowers should not be over-extended, and should stop fertilizing the sleeping flowers. On the south-facing balcony, bricks and wooden boards can be used to make a simple flower stand. Place the potted flowers, then use a few thin bamboo rafts, tie them on the pillars of the balcony, bend the upper end of the bamboo raft into a bow shape, cover the plastic film, clamp and nail Prison, made into a greenhouse(5 gallon nursery pots wholesale).

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