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Cheap 18 Inch Plastic Planters Wholesale

In the early spring season when the warmth is still cold(128 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price), the gardening needs to be treated a little, but the greenery of the spring breeze and the branches have already made people feel uncomfortable. In the process of germination, "sprouts" will be converted into small molecular amino acids and fatty acids through the "enzyme action" of macromolecular substances that are not easily digested by proteins(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), fats and starches that are originally stored in seeds for growth. Soluble substances such as sugars.

(cheap 18 inch plastic planters wholesale)It is comprehensive in nutrition and is very easy to be absorbed and utilized by the human body(72 cell seedling trays wholesale). It is rich in a large amount of enzymes and precious phytochemicals, and its nutritional value is many times higher than that of ordinary vegetables. The seedling stage of plants is the stage with the highest nutritional value. Sprouts only need to be watered and sunshine, and they will grow taller and longer. The growth period of sprouts is short(plastic nursery pots). Most of them can be eaten until 1-2 weeks, so the probability of pests and diseases is far. Less than vegetables, which makes sprouts safer than regular vegetables.

In recent years, advanced countries have advocated raw food therapy(105 cell seedling trays wholesale), and Taiwan’s Taiwan region has long been popular. In this cognitive context, sprouts are the main ingredients of “raw food therapy” and “living diet”. Especially in Europe, America, Germany, Japan and other countries, sprouts are very popular! Planting sprouts does not need to consider the plant's growth period(plastic nursery pots wholesale), flowering results, not only delicious, which makes its planting difficulty greatly reduced.

(cheap 18 inch plastic planters wholesale)Therefore, the cultivation of sprouts is extremely flexible(128 cell seedling trays wholesale). In addition to the ordinary flowerware, it can be easily cultivated in pots, cups and plates, which also provides an ever-changing possibility for its shape. At the same time, it is advisable to plant three or five pots of fresh and elegant sprouts and vegetables on the window sill. The planting steps are simple, the growth is fast, the green is full, and the ornamental value is high. It can also contribute healthy and delicious ingredients(wholesale nursery pots). It is the most suitable planting variety in early spring.

Therefore, regarding its eating method, the tender and tender seedlings of the sprouts are densely grown in the container(200 cell seed starting trays), and the similar containers can be used regardless of the non-porous flowerpots, the water cups, the porcelain jars. Apply a layer of gravel or paper towel to the bottom of the cup to moisturize. If only a little sunshine and moisture are needed, one seed will grow strong seedlings(black plastic nursery pots). Sprouts are both an ancient diet and a modern and popular fresh food.(cheap 18 inch plastic planters wholesale)

Although these soluble substances(162 cell seed starting trays), the most important point of home planting sprouts is to do a good job of moisturizing and keeping warm. Another point is that home-grown sprouts can use discarded containers, such as plastic bottles, plastic trays, etc., not only to beautify the environment, but also to turn waste into treasure. Chinese food culture advocates "from time to time", that is(plug trays wholesale), we must follow the natural way of eating, eat seasonally, according to the season, spring to eat more spring buds.

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