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Large Plastic Planters For Trees Wholesale

Obviously, the soil disinfection is generally strengthened, but it does not damage the mother branch(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale). It has been used all these years, combined with its own experience, to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the gallon, to give some reference to the flower friends. Nowadays, the most gallon basin on the market should be the global card(plastic nursery trays). 

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(large plastic planters for trees wholesale)This should be one of its characteristics, that is, big and deep(32 cell seed tray). Flower friends who have experience in growing flowers know that pots with this characteristic are suitable for raising woody plants because the roots are well developed. It is also the first gallon brand in the editor's contact. For ordinary flower friends, the first reaction to the gallon basin is estimated to be big and deep.

The editor believes that the style is uniform, the style is good, and the shortcoming is that the basin is relatively deep(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The roots of the rose are more open(15 cell seed trays), and if the long-lived flowers are grown in the gallon, the water volatilization is slow, and the roots of the longevity flower are not so developed. The result is that it is easy to rot due to water accumulation(large plastic planters for trees wholesale). 

If you like the style of the gallon pot, and the flowers and plants are not very large, then it is recommended to choose a 1 gallon pot(square plastic plant pots), preferably some large pieces of ceramsite on the bottom pad, which is easier to control the humidity of the potting soil. For most herbs, there are no deep pots, convenient planting, suitable for mechanization, so many flowerers think that gallons are more suitable for woody plants such as rose. 

(large plastic planters for trees wholesale)So deep basins, if you want to plant woody plants such as rose, hydrangea and other fast growing(50 cell propagation trays), the advantages of the gallon basin will appear, because it can hold more soil and make the roots grow better. It is suitable for the production of small and medium-sized container seedlings. It has been popular for several years, and it has been used for several years.

At present, the model of the gallon basin has a 1 gallon basin, a 2 gallon basin, a 5 gallon basin, etc. The larger the number, the larger the basin. In general, the quality of the gallon basin is good(nursery plant pots), as long as we can use it reasonably, it is a Good flower pots. It is resistant to extrusion and is not easily damaged. Domestically, it is generally converted to American standard. One gallon is about 3.785 liters(large plastic planters for trees wholesale). 

During shipment, plants are not damaged by their own hardness.For example, if you want to plant a rose, it is more suitable to use a gallon basin(large planters for trees). The basin is deep, and the most widely used modern container seedlings are hard plastic pots, referred to as gallon pots, generally for injection molding or blow molding. to make. It is used in production, such as 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 gallons, etc(plastic terracotta pots).

Yes, the advantages of the gallon basin(72 cell propagation tray), the blow molding gallon has the following characteristics: adding anti-aging agent, long service life, open-air use for more than 2 years(large plastic planters for trees wholesale); factory operation, convenient transportation; container wall It has unique strip-shaped concave and convex side edges, which can effectively prevent the packing of the roots and facilitate the root growth of the seedlings(plastic plant trays wholesale).

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