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Greenhouse 200 Cell Plug Trays Canada

The factory-based seedlings can be controlled by the technology and integrated control(nursery trays price), and can achieve robust plants with neat seedlings, convenient transplanting, slow seedlings and no pests and diseases. Clean the seedbed frame, spray the bed of potassium permanganate solution seedlings, clean the residual yellow leaves left by the former seedlings(200 cell seed tray), and spray the anti-pathogenic bacteria left in the seedbed.(greenhouse 200 cell plug trays canada)

Perlite, vermiculite (7:1:2), low temperature autumn according to peat(plastic plant trays wholesale), perlite, vermiculite (7:2:1), 500L ratio after adding matrix (20-20-20) water soluble fertilizer to stir into loam, 50% chlorothalonil 150g, can also be added to the biological bacteria, Bacillus subtilis. 72-well, 108-well, 128-hole black plastic trays are available(51 cell trays bulk). After the plate is placed, the water is replenished to about 90% depending on the recent weather conditions.

Through the sowing of the air suction planter, the seedling emergence rate during the ridge planting process is low(15 gallon pot), and the slow seedlings and dead trees are fixed after planting. After the pouring, the cover is covered with a cover net (light transmittance: 50%). If the temperature is too high, it will be prone to stagnation. Generally, once in the morning, the watering amount is appropriate. As the seedling age grows(1 gallon pots), the time of seeing light is prolonged to achieve the effect of refining.

(greenhouse 200 cell plug trays canada)In the high temperature summer, the charcoal is used, and the arched soil is germinated in about 20 hours in summer(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The summer temperature is high, and the temperature is most afraid of temperature change within 24 hours after sowing(36 cell trays bulk). Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the temperature rise caused by the sun change from 10 to 14 o'clock, so it is necessary to cool the facilities such as early ventilation and early shading.

After sowing, the water does not need to be replenished(large plastic terracotta pots). After 24 hours, 80% of the arched soil needs to be replenished once, but depending on the weather, the water is replenished. After the outing, it enters the normal management. After 4 pm Depending on the moisture in the tray, decide whether to replenish water(18 cell trays bulk). At the same time, remember that the watering amount is too much in the morning and evening.

Controlling the illumination, such as the application of the inhibitor, needs to be carried out after the first true leaf grows(nursery plant pots), so the management of the early cotyledon flattening determines the height and robustness of the late emergence. Pay attention to the surrounding of the seedling frame when watering, because the aisle ventilation is easy to cause water loss(12 cell trays bulk), and the growth is slow. Generally, the seedling age is about 27 days in summer.(greenhouse 200 cell plug trays canada)

After the arching, the shading net is removed, and the arch is about 48 hours in the autumn(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The plant height of the strong seedling is about 15 cm, with 5-6 true leaves, the leaves are dark green and slightly waxy, the leaves are large and thick, the internodes are short, the petioles are short, the roots are white and developed, the roots are many, the whole plant is not Pest and mechanical damage(8 cell trays bulk). It is also very convenient to use, directly open, put on the substrate, and plant directly.

Although the seedlings are small, but the price is cheap(square grow pots), it will not be distressed to buy hands, but the survival rate for the novice flower friends is lower. The plug seedlings want to change to the middle of the large basin to experience the pseudo-planting process, otherwise the seedlings use large pots, the basin is easy to accumulate water and rotten roots, and the false planting of the container is also extremely important(6 cell trays bulk), and the selected survival rate is doubled.

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