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Cheap Large Plastic Pots For Plants For Sale

Upper basin method: Place a few pieces of broken tiles on the bottom of the flower pot to facilitate drainage(4.72inch plastic nursery pots), and ceramsite can also be used. Qi Lixiang is famous for its incense, rich in flowers and very attractive. Jiulixiang has beautiful posture, beautiful branches and leaves, and high ornamental value. It can also be made into bonsai. I still remember the first Qi Lixiang that Jay Chou sang in the past(plug trays wholesale). Now, when I heard the name, which song I thought of, it was a round of memories. Then you know the song, do you know the flower?

(cheap large plastic pots for plants for sale)Let us take a look at the plants of Qi Lixiang sung in the mouth of Zhou Dong(4.92inch plastic plant pots). When the sprout reaches 15cm high, the top bud needs to be removed, and only 6-8cm high, so repeated several times, can make the crown full and beautiful. After the plant is formed, it will continue to grow. At this time, we need to keep the plant type beautiful and trim it(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The germination of Qiulixiang branches is extremely strong, and it is often pruned to maintain a beautiful tree shape.

Qi Li Xiang likes a humid environment(5.12inch plastic plant pots), so keep the soil of Qi Lixiang moist, too dry will cause it to die and die, too much water will make Qi Lixiang rotten roots, stop development. The cultivation of Qilixiang should be watered in an appropriate amount, and the water control before the bud can help the flower buds to differentiate. Water is poured in the summer and autumn, and water can be watered every day or every other day(wholesale nursery pots). The amount of water in winter can be reduced appropriately. It is most suitable to pour water once a month.

(cheap large plastic pots for plants for sale)In addition, in the rainy season or rainy weather, stay away from the windows, stop watering, and prevent the roots of the seven miles(5.5inch plastic plant pots). When Qiulixiang is turning soil or changing pots, it should add appropriate amount of organic fertilizer to the potting soil. If only phosphate fertilizer is applied, it will lead to the soil of the leaves and not the buds. During the busy season, the thin pancake fertilizer is applied every 3-4 weeks(black plastic nursery pots). In the spring, the potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution can be sprayed once a day on the leaf surface, and the rest can be wetted at the root to promote the differentiation of flower buds.

In the winter, according to the different growth conditions and growth period of Qilixiang(5.9inch plastic plant pots), nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and compound organic fertilizer can be applied as appropriate. The suitable growth temperature of Qilixiang is between 20 °C and 32 °C. If the outdoor temperature is lower than 8 °C, it should be placed indoors for curing. If the room temperature is too low, it will affect the growth of the plant(plastic nursery pots wholesale). If it is lower than 0 °C, it will be frozen. dead. The place where Qi Li Xiang is warm and warm, so plenty of sunshine can make it grow colorful.(cheap large plastic pots for plants for sale)

If you are in the flowering period of Qilixiang(6.3inch plastic plant pots), you need to place it on the balcony of the window, and then put it in the sun. In the shade, the scent of the scent of the scent of the scent will be poor, resulting in a lightening of the floral scent, light color or no flowering. Winter access should also be placed in a sunny place. Potted scented scented vines are changed every 2-3 years, the best season in autumn and late spring, and it is not suitable to change pots in winter(plastic nursery pots). The size of the pot is determined according to the size of the stems of the scent.

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