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Thermoformed Pots Manufacturers In Poland

Xiaobian for everyone to share the conservation management methods after the seeding of raw stone flowers(injection molded nursery pots). In addition to light and watering, the raw stone flowers in the seedling stage generally do not have to be topdressed, and the seedbed naturally leaves a certain amount of potassium. In general, the semi-dry and semi-wet state of the seedbed is more suitable for the growth of the stone seedlings(nursery trays). Seedlings can be easily cultivated by means of sowing, but after the seed emerges, the growth is relatively fragile.

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Based on the garden soil dug in the garden or the peat soil on the net(blow molded nursery pots), add one-third to one-half of the perlite to enhance the smooth drainage and put it in a cool and ventilated place for 3-7 days. To protect bumps and bumps, use loose, fertile, well-drained humus or sandy soil. The soil is slightly acidic(15 gallon plant pots). The soil can be mixed with some river sand or perlite to ensure good drainage. Or gravel to avoid blockage of the drain hole.(thermoformed pots manufacturers in poland)

After pouring water, the best rooting medium was 1.0 mg·L-1 NAA added to 1/2MS, and the rooting rate was as high as 99.3%(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale). When the cutting seedlings germinated more roots, we could transplant the upper pot to the pot. The flower pot is in it. Moreover, the cuttings that touch the incense are very easy to survive, and they are very easy to manage as potted plants. During the period, the potting soil was thoroughly drenched(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and it was generally seen that the soil surface was white, and the soil and the pot wall began to have gaps, so that the water could be poured.

(thermoformed pots manufacturers in poland)Below, the soil is very critical(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Practice has proved that the size of the granular matrix of the health stone flower should be selected according to the growth stage of the raw stone flower. After the transplanting, a layer of stone should be laid on the surface of the potting soil, and the transplanting is generally carried out by fluvo-aquic soil to avoid watering after planting the upper pot. Reduce the risk of infectious bacteria(plastic nursery pots wholesale). In the selection of pots, the flower pots used for planting can be made of plastic material, and for the group of raw stone flowers, it is also suitable to use the purple sand pot.

Then, can you use organic fertilizer for raw stone? Naturally, it is to increase the fertility of potting soil(3 gallon nursery pots wholesale). However, we should not blindly chase the fertilizer. Otherwise, it will not only promote the growth of plants, but also cause poor growth. However, Japanese experts usually mix some decomposed dry organic fertilizers into the large particles of the drainage layer when planting the stone flowers(plastic nursery pots), and if not, a small amount of slow-release granular fertilizer can be used instead.(thermoformed pots manufacturers in poland)

It can be seen that it is okay to add some organic fertilizers during the planting process(5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). It is more resistant to barrenness, and it is also important for the plants to maintain good growth. Although organic fertilizer can be added properly, we need to master the correct method in the process of fertilization(7 gallon pots). The main points are mainly in three aspects: the location of adding organic fertilizer in the basin should be scientific, usually the organic fertilizer is mixed into the pelvic drainage layer particles.

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