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Generally, thin fertilizer and water can be applied once every 1-2 weeks(50 cell plant trays bulk). Otherwise, flower fertilization is different from crop fertilization, and there are many aspects to pay attention to in flower fertilization. Xiaobian shared the fertilization methods for the growth season of young plants of potted rubber trees(small square plant pots). In the growth season, it is about every three weeks to pour some mature liquid fertilizer for them.

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That is, four more, four less, four discord and three taboos(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). Of course, it is better to add a small amount of potassium dihydrogen phosphate diluent into the liquid fertilizer. In order to ensure a smooth winter, we should stop applying various fertilizers. For fragrant flowers, phosphate fertilizer and potassium fertilizer should be applied to promote the fragrance and taste of flowers(plastic plant pots nz). More than four, that is, more application before germination, more application during pregnancy and more application after flowering. 

(plastic v9 nursery pots supplier saudi arabia)Therefore, nitrogen fertilizer should be applied to flowers at seedling stage(50 cell seed trays wholesale). After autumn and winter, we should control fertilization. After the beginning of autumn, the application of nitrogen fertilizer should be stopped, only a small amount of P and K fertilizer should be applied, so as to enhance the cold resistance of rubber trees to a certain extent(large round plastic planters). Of course, after entering winter, plants grow more slowly, and the demand for nutrients is not obvious.

When applying organic fertilizer, raw fertilizer without fermentation shall not be used(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). It shall not be applied until it is fully decomposed and thinned with water. For chemical fertilizer, it is necessary to strictly control the dosage. It is better to use less than more, and it is better to use less than more, or it is easier to burn flower roots, leading to withering(three gallon pot). The expert who has many years of flower cultivation experience has summed up a set of practical fertilization essentials.

Four is not to give in vain, not to give in new planting, not to give in summer, not to give in dormancy(72 cell seed trays wholesale). Three taboos are: one is to avoid concentrated fertilizer, two is to avoid hot fertilizer (it means to avoid fertilizing when the soil temperature is very high around noon in summer), and three is to avoid sitting fertilizer (it means to avoid planting the flower root on the base fertilizer at the bottom of the pot(viagrow pots), but should be separated by a layer of soil on the base fertilizer).(plastic v9 nursery pots supplier saudi arabia)

The fourth is less application in the rainy season(7 gallon nursery pots wholesale). From the species of taro, taro is the underground bulb of Araceae flowers, also called taro, taro, etc. When planting in the field, pay attention to the sprout upward and cover with a thin layer of soil(nursery pots). About 15 to 20 days before the planting of taro, there are many taro varieties on the market at present. It is necessary to choose the taro with no disease, no wound, intact top bud, and the taro size of 50g left and right as the seed taro.

(plastic v9 nursery pots supplier saudi arabia)In this way, the seedlings can grow rapidly and healthily(seed planting trays wholesale). According to the soil conditions, taro is not strict with the light requirements. Since there are many benefits of snow water, what else should we pay attention to? Flower friends all know that rain and snow have the function of purifying air. After the same purification of air, they all fall on the ground. Many germs spread by wind and rain(128 cell plug flats). In the end, it's better to run water Some, rich in a variety of mineral elements in plants.

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