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With the continuous growth of potted bamboo(32 cell seed starter trays), the leaves are becoming larger and larger, and the demand for nutrients is increasing, and the original nutrients in the potted soil are bound to be exhausted(large round plastic planters). In the case of too small flowerpots and lack of nutrients, in order to keep a good growth state, we have to consider changing the flowerpots.

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As for the specific basin changing time, spring should be carried out from April to may, and autumn should be carried out from August to September(seedling trays wholesale). In fact, the process of changing basin is relatively simple, which only needs a few steps to complete. First take off the basin, then repair the root, and finally put on the basin(viagrow pots). Although the process of basin changing is simple, the practical problems we have to face come with it.(cheap elfin thyme plug tray wholesale supplier)

During this period, because the plants can not adapt to the new soil environment for a while, they will naturally grow poorly(72 cell propagation trays). Therefore, it is recommended to retain about 30% of the original basin soil when changing basins. But in order to promote the rapid recovery to the growth state, we can pour water once after the completion of the basin(128 cell plug flats), and then put it in the optimal growth environment temperature of 15-25 ℃, as long as the basin soil is too dry, try not to make up water again.

After changing the basin, water should be poured once(200 cell seed starter trays). The amount of water should not be too much. It is better to soak the basin soil. It should not be watered repeatedly and frequently. It is better for the bamboo to recover in the basin soil with the same humidity after changing the basin. Too much water will aggravate the poor growth of the plant(square plastic plant pots). As long as the pot soil is not too dry, it should not be replenished with water.

(cheap elfin thyme plug tray wholesale supplier)Only after the plants are smoothly and slowly growing and resume normal growth(200 cell seed starting trays), can they be managed according to normal watering measures. According to the different growth stages of the flower pot, the pot changing operation was carried out in spring and autumn(large plastic planters uk). For example, if you use a small basin, it will be incongruous and unsightly, and if you use this kind of high flowerpot, it will be very beautiful. 

For example, the phenomenon of drooping, wilting and falling leaves appeared after the bamboo changed basin(plant start trays wholesale). Experienced potters naturally know that their stems and branches are becoming thick and strong, so why do many plants use this kind of basin? It's definitely not a little(15 gallon tree pot). So the best way to plant flowers in a pot with high flowers is to put some air permeable things on the bottom, or even the whole coal ball can be (soaked), or it can not be padded.(cheap elfin thyme plug tray wholesale supplier)

Because of the rapid growth of the indoor foliage plants(72 cell plug trays supplier), the demand for nitrogen fertilizer will increase naturally, and nitrogen fertilizer mainly promotes the growth of plants. In the growth period, it is difficult to fertilize the potted plants, and it is difficult for the plants to blossom, which is often difficult in the selection of fertilizer and the timing of fertilization(20 gallon tree pot). It is usually necessary to apply fertilizer in time when the leaves begin to spread, which will lay a good foundation for later flowering.

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