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At the early stage of the disease, the leaves are light green(grow bags manufacturers). With the spread of the disease, white mildew gradually grows, which leads to the rot of potato stems and leaves. If it is not prevented in time, it will lead to the rapid spread of the disease and bring economic losses to the farmers(plastic ground cover for weeds). Today, I will talk about the causes of the formation of potato white mold and the prevention methods, hoping to help you.

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In the following(15 gallon plant container), with the pathogen spreading along with the stem, the whole stem and leaf part of the plant spread more rapidly in the middle and late stage of potato growth (from flowering to tuber expansion stage). It is better to rotate potato with Gramineae for 3-4 years, so as to reduce the source of disease infection(decorative plastic planters). In the process of potato planting, it is necessary to water reasonably, improve soil permeability and reduce planting density.

(small square plastic plant pots manufacturer ireland)It is easy to lead to early maturity of potatoes and decrease of yield(fabric bags bulk). Potato planting should avoid early sowing, late sowing can form resistant and strong seedlings, which is conducive to improving the resistance and resistance of plants. Once potato blight is found, chemical fungicides should be sprayed in time(fabric bag manufacturer). The specific application methods are: 70% methyl thioprim wettable powder, compound pyrazolone and bubuzolium, and spray control in whole field.

White mould mainly infects the stem and leaf of potato, which makes potato stem and leaf rot(rootmaker trays). Especially in the humid soil and air environment, breeding is more serious. Chemical fungicides should be selected with strong internal absorbability. The demand for potash fertilizer is very high in the expansion period of potatoes(plastic garden plant pots), followed by nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer. Potato is a common food in life, many people have their own kind.

Therefore, during the maintenance and management, water should be well controlled(100 gallon grow bags). Try not to accumulate water and keep dry soil. Water once about 2 weeks. Fertilization only needs two times, one is in the bud stage and the other is in the blooming stage. Fertilizer can be applied(fabric planter bags australia). Since it is a potted plant planted by yourself, try not to use fertilizer. We need to prepare a plastic bucket or flowerpot and then fill it with loose and fertile soil.(small square plastic plant pots manufacturer ireland)

Seed dressing with plant ash not only has the advantages of disinfection and sterilization to avoid bacterial infection(10 gallon fabric grow bags), but also can prevent bacterial wilt by soaking seeds with 500 times of 50% carbendazim wettable powder for 15-20 minutes. Today, potatoes are not only food crops but also common vegetable varieties in people's daily life(garden planters wholesale). In fact, potatoes are very good, and the yield is also a relatively high one.(small square plastic plant pots manufacturer ireland)

At the seedling stage of potato, there is no need for watering, and the potato will start to absorb nutrients slowly about half a month after germination(1 gallon fabric grow bags). At this time, there is a large demand for nitrogen and potassium fertilizer, and less phosphorus fertilizer. When the potato grows to the tuber forming stage, the speed of nutrient absorption will suddenly increase(30 gallon grow bags). At this time, the level of nutrient composition will directly affect the yield and quality of potato.

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