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1 Gallon Grow Pot Wholesale Suppliers California

The high temperature in summer and sufficient water is a good time to plant plants(plastic nursery pots). Whether it is planted in pots or in land, the survival rate of plants is relatively high. How to store plastic flower pots in the summer? The plastic flower pots below will be shared for you, I hope to help everyone. There are many kinds of plastic flower pots produced by the manufacturers, and the appearance is beautiful, but the summer sunshine is strong(2 gallon pot). When the flower pots are irradiated for a long time, the plastic flower pots will become brittle and fade, which not only affects the appearance but also shortens the service life.(1 gallon grow pot wholesale suppliers california)

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Therefore, manufacturers should avoid the sun when storing flower pots(plastic nursery pots wholesale). It is best to choose a cool and ventilated warehouse, which can also prevent the flower pot from getting wet, so don't worry about the quality of the flower pot. There should be no open flames in the warehouse, workers are not allowed to smoke in the warehouse, and flammable products cannot be placed in the warehouse. This is mainly because plastic flower pots are flammable and will deform under high temperature conditions(gallon planters supplier). In addition, it is best not to have corrosive substances such as acid, alkali and salt in the warehouse to prevent the plastic flower pot from being corroded.

(1 gallon grow pot wholesale suppliers california)In summer, storage of plastic flower pots requires attention in many aspects to ensure the appearance and service life of the pots(black plastic nursery pots). Planting flowers is not only important for light, but the right amount of water is also important. Just as people want to drink water, plants need to have enough water, otherwise they will not survive. Flowers have proper moisture to grow and develop normally(15 gallon pot). Because of the different types of flowers, the water demand varies greatly. Too much or too little is not enough. It depends on the flowers to decide how much to water.

How do you judge whether there is water shortage in the pot(plug trays wholesale)? The wholesale plastic flower pots below will be shared for you, I hope to help everyone. In summer, the temperature is relatively high and the water evaporates quickly. For some plants that are wet, it is necessary to water the plastic pots frequently. Every morning and evening. The summer sun is very abundant(10 gallon pot). For some semi-yin and negative flowers, do not place them on the balcony to avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures.(1 gallon grow pot wholesale suppliers california)

Take shelter and water on the leaves to cool down. Another characteristic of summer is that there is often heavy rain(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). If the plastic flower pot is placed outdoors, water in the pot will cause loss of nutrients. Therefore, it is necessary to clean up the water in the flower pot in time after the rain. Severe summers can also cause pests and diseases. We should always prun the sick leaves, check them regularly, and use drugs for prevention(7 gallon pot). Flower cultivation is a very good activity for the elderly to carry out emotional self-regulation. It can not only beautify the environment, but also cultivate the sentiment and delight the soul.

(1 gallon grow pot wholesale suppliers california)However, you should pay attention to the following three points when planting flowers(seed starter trays): correct selection of potted flowers: For the elderly who have raised potted flowers, you can choose indoor or ornamental plants that are resistant to shade or semi-negative, such as orchid, spider plant, kaffir, green radish, ivy, and evergreen, pocket coconut, monstera, Nantianzhu, Saxifrage, Wenzhu, Brazilian iron and so on(5 gallon pot). The balcony flower can be selected from pomegranate, rose, chrysanthemum, cycad, laurel, cactus and so on. These flowers are more resistant to light and the crown shape is divergent.

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