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14 Inch Decorative Plastic Plant Pots In Bulk

Many netizens and newspaper friends have raised questions(cell trays). The leek is a perennial plant. The seed is broadcast live in the soil. It can germinate in about one to two weeks, and harvests after 90-120 days. It can be harvested every 30 days or so. People often think of vegetable crops grown in fields and greenhouses. However, a reporter recently saw a pot of potted chives transplanted in pots(3.54inch plastic plant pots). These bonsai leeks are not only beautiful, green and pollution-free, but also delicious.(14 inch decorative plastic plant pots in bulk)

It is not difficult to raise the leek and plant the potted chives. Choose the right cultivation utensils(gallon nursery pots). How do you plant this potted leek after you take it home? Don't look at the simple transplanting, but the knowledge inside is very big. Such potted chives can be grown all year round. In the process of conservation and cutting, organic fertilizers should be used for conservation(3.54inch plastic nursery pots). If the curing is in place, the ten-year can be cut in a year, otherwise the leek can not grow after one or two cuts.

It is more conducive to the growth and development of amaranth, learning potted planting techniques and increasing crop yield(propagation tray). The foam plastic box is selected as the cultivation container, which has the advantages of easy material selection, light texture, heat preservation and large cultivation area. The length and width are 50-625px and the height is 25-750px(flat plastic tray). The seepage hole can be punched on the bottom edge as needed, and can be plugged with a wooden plug.

(14 inch decorative plastic plant pots in bulk)Must have sufficient fertility to ensure the continuous growth and harvesting needs of the leek(black plastic plant pots). The nutrient soil is arranged in accordance with 3 parts of decomposed leaves, 3 parts of decomposed farmyard manure, and 4 parts of high-quality garden soil. Potted chives should be selected as shallow dormant or non-dormant varieties with compact plant type, good erectility and fast-growing ability(plastic grow pots). The available varieties include shed treasure, cold green king and Jiuxing 18th.

Before the heavy rain, the membrane can be protected from rain(plug trays). After the 5 new leaves of the new amaranth can be transplanted, the planting method can be flexibly adopted. In order to facilitate the cultivation of roots and strong plants, it is best to use seedling-free seedling transplanting. Medium-intensity light is required during the growth and development of amaranth(greenhouse supplies pots). When the drain is required, the cork can be pulled out, or a flower pot of various materials can be selected to receive the water seepage.(14 inch decorative plastic plant pots in bulk)

When entering the basin, first use the leaves (not decomposed) to lay 5-150px, which is good for drainage(square nursery pots), and the nutrient soil is placed on the top of the basin to 50px below the basin. To keep the soil moist, excess water can seep out of the drain hole. When the temperature is high in summer, it is necessary to uncover the film in time to prevent high temperature injury(wholesale greenhouse pots). The top dressing can be applied to the water 15-20 times with the decomposed liquid fertilizer.

Usually pour the potting soil on the plastic cloth, spread a layer of decomposed organic fertilizer in the pot(gallon plant pot), and then pour the potting soil back into the pot, so that the seedling grows more vigorously. If the light is too strong, the cellulose content in the leaves is increased, the mesophyll structure is coarse and the product quality is reduced; the light is too weak, the photosynthesis is weakened, the accumulated assimilation substance is reduced(seed starter trays), the leaves are thin, and the growth is small. Slow, low yield.

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