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Best Plastic Seedling Trays Wholesale Sri Lanka

This is because the soil not only plays a role in fixing plants and making flower test tube seedlings dependent, but also provides sufficient water, nutrients and air to make flower test tube seedlings thrive(best plastic seedling trays wholesale sri lanka). Different flowers have different soil requirements(72 cell plug trays). It is better if it is carried out in a greenhouse that can be automatically controlled with covering sprout, moisturizing and heat preservation. 

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The test tube plantlets transplanted on the seedbed have almost saturated requirements for air humidity(105 cell plug flats). When the humidity is low, they are easy to wither litchi and die. After transplanting for 1 ~ 2 weeks, their root absorption ability and leaf assimilation ability are improved, and their ability to adapt to the environment is strengthened. In this case, topdressing and spraying nutrient solution shall be carried out in time(best plastic seedling trays wholesale sri lanka).

The root hairs on the lateral roots increased, the stem segments began to elongate and grow new leaves(best plastic seedling trays wholesale sri lanka). Promote the rapid growth of test tube seedlings(32 cell plug tray). The soft plastic nutrient cup made of waste recycled plastics through simple process has many advantages and is very suitable for large-scale seedling production(32 cell seedling tray). It can be used to prepare culture soil. It is often prepared into soilless culture substrate with perlite.

The plant row spacing of test tube seedlings planted on the seedbed should depend on the size of plant type, and the planting density can be appropriately increased generally(9cm flower pots). In addition, after the test tube seedlings are out of the bottle, they can also be planted in a plastic nutrition Cup(best plastic seedling trays wholesale sri lanka). The length of seedling retarding time is related to the transplanting season and weather conditions, which should be mastered flexibly.

After growing under weak light for a period of time, we can gradually strengthen the light, so that the seedlings can slowly adapt to the full light m in the natural environment(best plastic seedling trays wholesale sri lanka). Especially for potted flowers, because its root system can only move in a small soil range, it has great limitations(98 cell seed tray). If the cultivation soil is slightly uncomfortable, it will obviously affect its growth, so the requirements for soil are more strict.

On the one hand(seedling tray 104 holes), it is required to contain the nutrients required by flowers in the limited pot soil, and at the same time, it is also required to have good physical properties, make the root system upright, and gently compact the soil around the pot, leaving 1cm above the top edge of the pot Left and right, conducive to water retention(best plastic seedling trays wholesale sri lanka). Therefore, the soil for potting flowers needs to be artificially prepared culture soil.

This kind of soil is conducive to the growth of flower roots(288 cell plug tray). The surface sandy land is relatively clean, with few impurities, good ventilation and water permeability, less fertility, no aggregate structure, and poor water and fertilizer retention performance. It is one of the main raw materials for preparing culture soil(10cm plastic plant pots). River sand particles are coarse, clean, good drainage, air permeability and poor fertility(best plastic seedling trays wholesale sri lanka). 

Rotten leaf soil has many voids, is loose and acidic, contains more humus and has sufficient fertility(72 cell propagation tray). It is suitable for planting all kinds of flowers that like acid soil filling. It is also one of the main materials for preparing culture soil. The soil for planting flowers should be loose and fertile(best plastic seedling trays wholesale sri lanka). It is weakly alkaline and is suitable for cultivating dianthus, tricolor leather, rose, chrysanthemum, and big picture flowers. 

Pine needle soil has certain fertility, good ventilation and water permeability, and strong acidity(200 cell plug trays). It is an important raw material for acid culture soil in northern regions(best plastic seedling trays wholesale sri lanka). After transplanting test tube seedlings, we should pay attention to shading. The soil used for soil-loaded culture is the basis for the growth of flower test tube seedlings(200 cell seed trays). It can be used alone as one of the cultivation substrates of cactus and succulent plants.

Swamp soil is rich in humus, has long-lasting fertility, and is acidic, and can be used to prepare cultivation soil(13cm plastic plant pots). garden soil vegetable garden or surface sand fill soil that has been planted with leguminous crops has high fertility and good aggregate structure, and can be used for planting flowers and trees with strong habit or preparing cultivation soil(best plastic seedling trays wholesale sri lanka). Turf soil contains more humus and more minerals.

Transplanting method: Good drainage, strong water retention, and good air permeability are appropriate(51 cell seed trays). In addition, according to the different requirements of different types of flower waste on the soil and local soil resources, one or more of the above soils can be mixed to form a suitable flower growth culture earth(162 cell plug tray). Improve the air permeability of the soil to suit the needs of transfer of test tube seedlings(best plastic seedling trays wholesale sri lanka). 

Generally speaking(162 cell seed starting trays), the fake planted test-tube seedlings are gently knocked out of the plastic nutrient cup, and a small amount of culture soil is filled in the bottom of the planting pot to the l3 of the flowerpot, and the test-tube seedlings are gently placed with the left hand Put it in the center of the pot, fill the pot with culture soil with your right hand, fill the space between the roots and roots with small soil particles(best plastic seedling trays wholesale sri lanka).

Through the test-tube plantlets at the stage of refining and fake planting, new and robust root systems and new leaves have been grown, completing the process from heterotrophic to autotrophic(best plastic seedling trays wholesale sri lanka). Then the test tube seedlings can be planted in flower pots or fields. Peat soil is also called peat soil(50 cell plug trays). It has soft texture, good water permeability, ventilation and water retention performance, and is mostly acidic. 

The suitable soil should be selected according to the different requirements of the types of flowers and discards on the soil(best plastic seedling trays wholesale sri lanka). The transplanting site requires a slightly higher terrain, a complete drainage and irrigation system, and the suitable soil quality is sand-filled to light-filled(128 cell plug trays). Because within this limit, the nutrient elements that flowers and plants need to absorb from the soil are in an absorbable state. 

If the local soil is sticky and heavy, it can be mixed with sand, sawdust or humus under the forest in the mature soil layer(128 cell seed trays). In addition, the pH of the soil will also affect the growth and development of flower test-tube plantlets(best plastic seedling trays wholesale sri lanka). Above or below this limit, some nutrient elements become non-absorbable, which leads to nutrition for some flowers from the surface. Deficiency(50 cell propagation trays). Then gradually increase the light. 

For reference when artificially modulating the cultivation soil(12.5 cm plant pots): Most flowers can grow in weakly alkaline or slightly acidic soil, but they grow better in neutral to slightly acidic (pH5.5~7.0) soil(best plastic seedling trays wholesale sri lanka). After potting, they should be watered with sufficient root water and placed in a cool and ventilated place to slow the seedlings for 1 to 2 weeks(105 cell plug trays). The best time for transferring test tube seedlings is in windless, cloudy and wet weather. 

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