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The appropriate sowing date can be selected according to the season of the mouth(wholesale greenhouse pots). The seed germination rate was measured before sowing, and the germination rate should be above 98%. Seeds were seeded at the center of each hole at the time of sowing, and the seeding depth was 0.5 to 1.0 cm. Covered with vermiculite after sowing, and watered (water dripping from the bottom hole of the seedling tray). The spring seedling age is 75 to 80 days, and the autumn seedling age is 30 to 40 days(flat plastic tray). The seedlings have a plant height of about 15 cm, a stem diameter of about 0.4 cm, and 4 to 5 true leaves.

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The potassium concentration was 2.75%~3.29%(seed trays), which was 39.6%~67.0% higher than that of soil seedlings (1.97%). From the perspective of nutrient uptake per plant, the single-plant nutrient uptake of the cabbage seedlings was the largest with the composite substrate consisting of 40% of charcoal + 20% of vermiculite + 20% of slag ash + 20% of perlite. 15 to 20 ° C during the day, 10 to 12 ° C during the night, and refine the seedlings one week before planting(square nursery pots). If the young seedlings are bred, a 288-hole plug can also be used, and the seedlings are planted with 3 leaves and 1 heart.

The nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients of cabbage seedlings were treated with 128-well plug trays, using 30% to 50% of peat, 20% to 30% of vermiculite(seed starter trays), 20%, 50% of slag ash, and 20% of perlite. The absorption rate is obviously promoted compared with the soil seedlings. The nitrogen concentration in the seedling plants is 2.23%~2.62%, the average is 36.8%~60.7% higher than the soil seedlings (1.63%), and the phosphorus concentration is 0.38%~0.43%. Miao (0.36%) increased by 5.6% to 19.4%.(viagrow plastic nursery pots wholesale supplier)

According to the nutrient uptake per plant(1 gallon nursery pots), the absorption ratios of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in cabbage seedlings were 1:0.18:1.23. If you use cotton seedlings 40% 80%, vermiculite 20%, furfural residue 20% ~ 30%, slag ash 20%, pig manure 10% ~ 20% non-powder carbon composite substrate seedling, cabbage seedlings on nitrogen The absorption ratio of phosphorus and potassium nutrients is 1:0.18:0.96, and the absorption ratio of potassium is slightly lower than that of the peat-based composite substrate.(viagrow plastic nursery pots wholesale supplier)

The results of nutrient uptake by the above two types of composite matrix seedlings indicated that the demand for nitrogen and potassium in the cabbage seedlings was almost the same, mainly absorbing nitrogen and potassium(10 gallon plant pot), and absorbing less phosphorus, only 20% of nitrogen and potassium absorption. %. However, due to its relatively developed root system and low temperature, summer seedlings should pay attention to rain and temperature reduction, and can be covered with a sunshade net(grow bag wholesale price). For example, planting in the late July, seeding in the mid-June, and seedlings should be carried out in time after emergence.

(viagrow plastic nursery pots wholesale supplier)Therefore, as the wetting agent, commonly used anionic surfactants are sodium alkyl sulfate(5 gallon garden pots), opened powder, and sodium isobutyl naphthalenesulfonate. The nonionic surfactants include nonylphenyl polyoxyethylene ether, polyoxyethylene sorbitan monolaurate, and monostearate. The humectant is added to the vegetable seedling substrate, and the main purpose is to promote the initial water absorption capacity of the substrate after filling the tray and the rewetting ability of the substrate after the seedling is dry(greenhouse supplies pots).

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