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Here, Xiaobian provides some reference information for everyone, I hope to help everyone(plastic nursery pots). If the flower pot is too small, it is often limited by the space inside the basin. For the longevity flower seedlings, it is generally suitable to use a flower pot with a caliber of about 10 cm. It can be seen that the size of the basin is often determined according to the size of the plant shape(20 cell trays bulk), and as the longevity flower grows, it is very necessary to carry out a management measure.

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(cheap square plastic planters wholesale suppliers florida)Although Changshouhua has always been a good gift for her elders because of its name, (I also sent a few pots to my elderly people), in fact(plastic nursery pots wholesale), it also has a very foreign name - Christmas gamma, because it is near The flower that blooms in Christmas always feels that this name is more suitable for its cute shape. Longevity flower is a succulent plant that can be used as a foliage plant or as a flower(288 cell trays bulk). The flowering period lasts for more than 4 months, and the name of the longevity flower comes from this.

First of all, we know that if we want plants to bloom, plenty of sunshine and fertilizer are indispensable(black plastic nursery pots). According to Xiaobian's understanding, many flower friends are used to changing pots for many years. According to observation, some varieties of longevity flowers will naturally age after two years(112 cell trays bulk). Even the phenomenon of rot, because the longevity flower reproduction is relatively simple, cutting, leaf insertion can easily breed, so we recommend that the flower planter plant 1-2 years of strong longevity flowers.

(cheap square plastic planters wholesale suppliers florida)Here is the light, longevity flowers like sunny environment, noon in the midsummer to avoid glare(plug trays wholesale), the rest of the time can be placed in the sun, at least 4 hours of direct light can be seen every day to grow strong. In order to make the flowers of the longevity flower plant evenly, it should be noted that the direction of the flower pot is often changed, so that the plants receive light in a balanced manner, and the flowerpot is rotated 180 degrees every half month(200 cell trays bulk). Although the semi-shade can also grow, but the thin leaves of the stems are less colored, far less lush than the sun.

Next, the effect of fertilizer on longevity flowers, longevity flowers like fertilizer(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Seedlings can be planted for half a month or half a month after planting old plants. After half a month, the nitrogen fertilizer-based liquid fertilizer can be applied to promote the long stems and leaves. After the flowering, a nitrogen-based liquid fertilizer can be applied to promote the rejuvenation. The rest of the time, except for the summer stop, can only be applied with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer(162 cell trays bulk). When fertilizing, do not put the fertilizer on the leaves, otherwise the leaves will be perishable. If the leaves are not carefully soiled, rinse off with water.

(cheap square plastic planters wholesale suppliers florida)Long flowering flower has a long flowering period(wholesale nursery pots). It is necessary to break the precepts of no fertilization during flowering. Apply a thin NPK fertilizer or 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution every month, so that the late flower will not become lighter due to lack of fertilizer. The fat from the longevity flower cream into the room to the next October, is just the late differentiation and flowering period of the longevity flower bud, so the demand for fertilizer is great(128 cell trays bulk). Before the flowering, the fertilizer should be applied once a week to promote the differentiation of flower buds.

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