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Cheap Black Plastic Seed Trays Manufacturers

Especially today, the hot sun took the lead and visited the cantaloupe base of Yinggehai(wholesale nursery pots). Generally, in the first batch of high temperature in Hainan, after three days, the cantaloupe gradually showed its head, and the seedlings should be opened and covered in time. Insect nets, so as not to affect the growth after unearthing. When watering, watering should be done in the morning as much as possible(72 cell seedling trays wholesale). During the watering process, the speed should not be too fast, so as to avoid leakage, resulting in uneven emergence and affecting the overall emergence rate and sprouting rate.

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(cheap black plastic seed trays manufacturers)It is also impossible to pour too much water to avoid the phenomenon of soaking seeds and roots(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). In Hainan, the first batch of higher temperature, too much water, the chance of disease in the seedbed is greatly improved. On the fifth day or so, the seedlings are basically out. At this time, it is necessary to prevent some basic diseases on the seedbed: 800 times of rice or 1500 times of mesomycin + 1500 times(105 cell seedling trays wholesale). Prevention of keratosis and rotten stems add 800 times of rice or 1500 times of neutrophin + 1500 times of Plex.

To prevent keratosis and downy mildew, after pouring the medicine(plastic nursery pots), it should be poured in time with clean water (cleaning the leaves) to prevent phytotoxicity under high temperature conditions. On the sixth or seventh day, you can use the leaching Irrigation 1000 times to pour the seedlings. Try to pour the seedlings before 10 o'clock in the morning. After pouring them for half an hour, use the water again to pour again. Prevention of keratin, downy mildew and anthrax on the day before transplanting(128 cell seedling trays wholesale). Add 30ml of water to 30 kg of water + Amishida 8ml 30 kg of water, after pouring the medicine, use water in time.(cheap black plastic seed trays manufacturers)

It is not advisable to control the amount of water one day before transplanting(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Keeping dry seedlings unearthed can increase the survival rate after transplanting. In order to obtain the root system rich in Camellia oleifera seedlings and efficient and economical seedling cultivation methods, the effects of different light substrates and containers on the rooting of Camellia oleifera and the method of substrate bagging were evaluated(162 cell seed starting trays). The results showed that the effects of different light substrate ratios on rooting of Camellia oleifera were not significant; the effects of different containers on the growth of Camellia oleifera cuttings were not significant.

Today, we will talk about some things on the cantaloupe seedling tray(plug trays wholesale). From the perspective of seedling cost and efficient production and practicality, "90% cocoon + red clay" is more economical as a cultivation substrate, and the tree seedling tray is the most suitable container for oil tea cutting seedlings. Since entering the pit of raising flowers, spending money like running water, buying flowers, pots and soil in the early stage, and buying tools later(128 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). When the plant grows weak, it needs fertilizer. When the vine grows tall, it needs a bracket. If you want to plant a species, you have to raise the seedling tray.

(cheap black plastic seed trays manufacturers)Want to broadcast a variety, lack of seedling tray(black plastic nursery pots), remember that there are eggs bought in the refrigerator a few days ago, take out the plastic packaging, cut off the top cover, and tie a few drainage holes below. The following is the seedling tray, the cover cut above is the tray, there are two pull handles, and the seeding artifact is none other than it. The seeds are all sprouted, and a larger container is needed(200 cell seed starting trays). Several disposable paper cups can be used for paper and plastic. The bottom of the cup continues to be holed, enough to support the planting.

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