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Cheap Black Succulent Planter Wholesale Price Australia

So put a pot of Epiphyllum at home, it should have a strange feeling(large garden pots for trees)! When you mention Epiphyllum, you will think of "Epiphyllum flash", then what's the benefit of raising Epiphyllum at home? Epiphyllum is a common plant with CAM metabolism (Jingtianke acid metabolism), which closes the stomata on the back of leaves in the daytime, and stays at night for a week. When the ambient temperature is lowered to an appropriate temperature(wholesale plant pot), the stomata on the back of the blade are opened, oxygen is discharged and carbon dioxide is absorbed.

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(cheap black succulent planter wholesale price australia)Epiphyllum reproduction is mainly cuttage reproduction, and cuttage reproduction also has two methods(13cm plastic grow pots), the following is explained: Cutting reproduction in March-May to select robust, thick leafy stems as cuttings, 20 cm-30 cm long, cut by 2-3 segments, and cut the base flat, to be slightly dried cut into a clean sand bed, soil moisture conservation. Hold about 60% at room temperature of 18 C-24 C, rooting about 3 weeks after insertion(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and peeling when the length of roots is 3 cm-4 cm.

It takes 2-3 years for the lateral stem to blossom(14cm plastic grow pots). The choice of cutting blade should be early stem. It is better to choose old leaves over 2 years old. The best one is the leaves whose veins are not obvious and the growing point is closed (this is more important). The leaves can not be selected too small. When cutting, the part buried in the soil can be made larger, and a few openings can be made on the base veins(nursery trays price). Son, increase cuttage surface, promote multiple roots, more tissue formation.

(cheap black succulent planter wholesale price australia)Shallow insertion, oblique insertion, with incised wounds on the upper vein(15cm plastic grow pots), because shallow insertion, soil temperature is higher, feel more moisture, more easily in the wound healing grow roots and fleshy tissue, it is easy to draw rods. Reasonable use of rooting powder, conditional can be soaked before cutting branches, or in the cutting process with rooting powder mixed with water irrigation(black plastic nursery pots), the effect is still very good, fast rooting, strong rooting, easy to form tissue.

As I said before, cutting mostly uses those old leaves, the best growing point is closed(16cm plastic grow pots). To put it plainly, the cutting leaves are older, and there is no growing point on the leaves for new buds. In this case, there is no growing point on the leaves, and the root system is gradually developed, taking advantage of the stress resistance of the plants, and wants to send out leaves, while in other words, there is no growing point on the leaves for new buds(hemp plant pot). If it fails to do so, it will inevitably draw rods and form new growth points. This is the result that people want, and it is really effective.(cheap black succulent planter wholesale price australia)

For cuttings, two-year-old leafy branches are preferred to grow strong and thick(large plastic plant pots with drainage holes), and over-tender branches are liable to rot or shrink after cuttings, so they are not suitable for selection. Cutting cuttings are cut off from the parent branch and cut into 10-15 cm sections with sharp knives. The cuttings are placed in a cool and ventilated place for half a day to one day. The cuttings can be cut only when the cuttings are dried into a thin film. Cutting soil should be mixed with 7 parts of garden soil and 3 parts of chaff ash(plastic plant pots). It can also be used with plain sandy soil. It should be drained freely and loosely so as to facilitate rooting.

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