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In the flowering period, until the cause is found(72 cell plug trays supplier), the plant will save some water consumption by peeling off some leaves during the self-protection process, so it is very important to properly water the water. However, the flowering of the tiger thorn plum is very good, and the taste is cool. This is also the reason why the flower friends are kept indoors, so the flower friends must be cautiously cultured. The yellowing of the leaves of the tiger thorns is also the current situation that the flower friends often encounter(plug trays wholesale). Today, I will tell you about the little knowledge of the tiger thorns.

(cheap 18 inch plastic flower pots wholesale)Finally, tiger thorn is a strong flower, smart, restrained, simple, cute, and it can bloom all year round(seed starting trays supplier), but how to do the yellow leaves of tiger thorns? Let’s take a look at tiger thorn The reason for the yellowing of the leaves. The tiger thorn plum belongs to the fleshy stems and leaves. It is not afraid of drought, and it is afraid of waterlogging. Too much watering will damage the root system(black plastic nursery pots), causing the leaves to yellow off. Solution: Reduce watering and move to a sunny place.

Solution: Appropriate fertilization, before fertilization, check to see if the fertilizer is suitable for the growth of the tiger plum(128 cell plug trays supplier). In areas where the temperature is below 10 degrees in winter, the old leaves of the tiger plum will fall off, leaving only the top leaves; when the temperature is lower, the leaves will all dry out and fall off. Because the winter is the flowering period of the tiger thorn, so in order to plant more flowers, the basin soil should be kept slightly moist(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), however, this will also accelerate the yellowing and falling off of the leaves.

(cheap 18 inch plastic flower pots wholesale)The amount of direct sunlight from the tiger thorn should be increased(32 cell plug trays supplier). If there is too much water, reduce the watering and move to a sunny place. If it is caused by excessive fertilization, fertilize properly. Before fertilization, check whether the fertilizer is suitable for the growth of tiger plum. Try not to place the tiger thorns in a rather stuffy, airtight place, preferably in the courtyard(plastic nursery pots wholesale). After all, the tiger thorn plum has some toxicity, and it is not suitable for indoors for safety.

In daily maintenance, as long as conditions permit, tiger thorn is a common indoor plant(128 cell seed trays wholesale), because it is carcinogenic, it should not be placed indoors. Tiger thorn plum does not like fertilizer. If too much fertilizer is applied during the breeding process or if fertilized fertilizer is applied, the root system will be burned, causing the leaves to yellow, and it will be replaced once a year in spring or autumn, with fertile soft soil(wholesale nursery pots). Soon there will be more small buds coming out to become more lush.

(cheap 18 inch plastic flower pots wholesale)Pay attention to watering often, and mint likes big water(105 cell plug trays supplier). But the potting soil can't accumulate water, it should be soft and fertile soil. In a very short time, from the beginning of a mint can develop into a large basin. There are many kinds of mint. Some mint can be used for cooking. Some mint can be used as a cold drink. Drink lemon mint juice(plastic nursery pots). Mint can also be rubbed in the place where mosquito bites, cool and relieve itching. The taste of mint is the main reason why I plant it.

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