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Cheap 5 Inch Plastic Plant Pots Suppliers Qatar

Therefore, when using tray or bed seedlings(mini plastic terracotta pots), in the nutrient bowl for seedlings, the biological fungus fertilizer is evenly mixed into the seedling soil, and then filled into the nutrient bowl for seedlings. Because seedlings are mostly carried out in greenhouses or plastic sheds, the temperature and humidity conditions are better, and the microorganisms are easy to multiply and grow(51 cell trays bulk), and the amount can be smaller than the field base fertilizer.

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The amount of biological bacterial fertilizer is small, and it is susceptible to the effects of sunlight before covering the soil(1 gallon tree pots), and the problem of being blown away by the wind may occur on windy days. The biological bacterial fertilizer can be mixed into the seedling soil for stacking for 3 days(40 cell tray in bulk). Under the condition of applying organic fertilizer, the biological bacterial fertilizer and organic fertilizer should be mixed at a ratio of 1: 500-1.5: 500, covered with water after spraying with water.

(cheap 5 inch plastic plant pots suppliers qatar)Apply evenly in the ditch and then ridge(teku plant pots). If no organic fertilizer is applied, mix 30-50 kg of slightly moist fine soil with 1 kg of biological fertilizer, and evenly apply it in the ditch, then ridge and cover the soil. Reload seedling trays and make seedlings. Bacterial fertilizer mixed with fine soil or organic fertilizer can be put into the fertilizing box(40 cell trays bulk), so that operations such as ditching, fertilizing fertilizer, seeding, covering, and cracking can be completed at one time.

Rot for 3-5 days, and apply after mashing in the middle(15 gallon pots for sale). Application of bacterial fertilizer for oral fertilizer should be used separately from chemical fertilizer. First wet the surface of the seed with water or with soybean milk and brown sugar water, stir the seed into the bacterial fertilizer(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), make the surface of the seed evenly covered with bacterial fertilizer, and dry it in a cool and ventilated place for a little shade before you can sow.(cheap 5 inch plastic plant pots suppliers qatar)

Then when the machine is used as the base fertilizer, based on the application of organic or chemical fertilizers as the base fertilizer(1.5 gallon plant pot), the biological bacterial fertilizer is used as the seed fertilizer, or the crops are used as the seed fertilizer. After the planing, the biological bacterial fertilizer with fine soil is mixed(36 cell trays bulk). Put it in the lotus root, and then plant it. When applying biological bacterial fertilizer for topdressing, the method of root irrigation can generally be used.

(cheap 5 inch plastic plant pots suppliers qatar)A single application is not easy to evenly mix(succulent plastic pots). The specific method is to add 1 kg of biological bacterial fertilizer with 200-300 kg of water to prepare a bacterial fertilizer solution. Before transplanting various crop seedlings, first add biological fertilizer to some fine soil, and then stir the appropriate amount of water into a paste-like slurry(flat plastic tray). When transplanting, dip the roots of the crop seedlings in the mud, and the roots will be full of biological bacteria.

After the transplantation, the remaining mud is diluted with water and irrigated at the root(plastic nursery pots bulk), which is equivalent to watering after transplanting. Cover with soil after water seeps down. Then plan the pit next to the crop root system, pour the bacterial fertilizer solution into the pit, and cover the soil after the water has soaked(wholesale greenhouse pots). When topdressing a fruit tree, dig a fertilization ditch on the outer edge of the root plate, irrigate the root, and cover the soil after seepage.

Pay attention to prevent ultraviolet rays from killing microorganisms in the fertilizer(greenhouse nursery pots). After fertilizing the mud, it is transplanted again. It is also an application method for top dressing. Soak the biological bacterial fertilizer with a small amount of water for 4-6 hours, and then add water for stirring(wholesale nursery pots). After stirring, filter with a fine mesh cloth or nylon gauze cloth, and spray the filter liquid on the back of the crop leaves and fruits.(cheap 5 inch plastic plant pots suppliers qatar)

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