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Plug seedlings include filling, pressing, sowing, covering soil, etc(plastic nursery pots). After completing the matrix filling, it is also necessary to press the matrix in the pores, that is, to manually or mechanically press the matrix falling into the tray. Real, and form a certain depth of the pit. Due to the influence of different matrix types, water content and other factors(72 cell seed trays), the matrix of the disk is prone to clustering problems, which leads to uneven matrix covering or less bulkiness of the matrix in the pores.(seed starter trays wholesale supplier canada)

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It is unable to meet the demand for nutrient moisture in the subsequent growth of seedlings and affect the quality of emergence(200 cell seed trays). Therefore, the purpose of seedling cavities is to compact the matrix and form the sowing depth, to ensure the continuity of the matrix in the pores and the solidity of the seedling roots, to increase the amount of matrix loading as much as possible, while satisfying the agronomically deep seed sowing and The need for soil thickness(32 cell seed tray). The early seedling pressure points are mostly completed by hand, the labor intensity is large, the depth of the pressure points is inconsistent, and the seed emergence is not neat.

(seed starter trays wholesale supplier canada)With the development of nursery industry(black plastic nursery pots), a series of mechanical pressure point devices for the efficiency and quality requirements of the nursery industry are constantly appearing, and other equipments of the nursery line are equipped to realize the mechanization and automation of the seedling operation, and the seedling quality and emergence rate are improved. Place half of the sleeve on the cut stock(15 cell seed trays). In the first piece of the scion seedling or the second true leaf, the blade is chamfered in the direction of the root at an angle of 30° to 45°, and the cut scion is inserted into the casing on the rootstock.

The scion cut surface is opposite the rootstock cut surface to ensure that the rootstock and scion cut surfaces are joined together(1020 seed starting trays). The most important factors for the survival of eggplant grafted seedlings are temperature and relative humidity of the air. According to the different seasons of nursery, the seedling age in winter and spring is 60~70d, and the seedling age in summer and autumn is 40~50d. The grafting seedling age is extended by 10~15d. The stems of the seedlings are thick and strong, the internodes are short(200 cell seed trays wholesale), the plant height is 12~15cm, the stems are 3~4cm thick, and 4~5 true leaves are obtained. The leaves are thick green, no pests and diseases, and the grafting interface is well healed.

Seedlings have "caps" for two main reasons: 1. Seed maturity is not good, seeds are old(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), reducing vitality, unable to shell when unearthed; 2. Insufficient irrigation or over-covering when planting, seeds have not yet emerged, topsoil has dried up So that the seed coat is dry and hard, and often cannot fall off smoothly. The seedlings with caps have a great influence on the growth and development of seedlings(50 cell plug trays). If they are not treated in time, they will easily form weak seedlings. It has strong precocity, fast growth and neat consistency. Heat and moisture resistance, comprehensive disease resistance.

(seed starter trays wholesale supplier canada)To prevent seedlings from “caps”, you should: select good quality seeds and fill the bottom water when sowing(plant pots wholesale). Cover soil should be appropriate, not too thin. After sowing, the bed cover is covered with a film. The seedlings unearthed from the "top shell" were found to be sprayed with "spray" cotyledons with a sprayer at noon on a sunny day. After 1 hour, the seed coat became soft and artificially assisted to shell(128 cell plug trays). Be careful not to “uncap” when the cotyledons are dry, otherwise the cotyledons may be damaged or removed.

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