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Cheap 8 Inch Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale

In the room where we live, we always like to put some living plants in the bedroom(propagation tray). What should we do when our plants are dying? Introduce the common diseases and parasites of several indoor plants: Symptoms: This A tiny insect can suck the juice on the back of the plant's leaves, causing the leaves to deform, fade, or even become sticky(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). In severe cases, white spider webs extend from the leaves to the stems.

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(cheap 8 inch plastic plant pots wholesale)Choosing the soil for flower cultivation is the key to ensuring the growth of flowers(black plastic plant pots). The soil to be planted should be selected according to its type. You can first understand the origin of the flower you are planting, see what characteristics of the soil it has, and then choose the soil. Another simple way is to go to the flower market to buy some common culture soil(wholesale greenhouse pots). These culture soils are rich in nutrients, and most of the flowers can grow well with it.

A dry and hot environment is good for killing red spiders(gallon nursery pots). Prevention: Remove leaves from infected diseases and spray bio-insecticides. The air humidity is increased by daily spraying, and the flower pot is placed on the wet sand. Symptoms: This fungus tends to multiply in cool, humid environments and is prone to invade leaves(square nursery pots), flowers, or stems and leaves that have been previously destroyed.(cheap 8 inch plastic plant pots wholesale)

Prevention: Remove the part of the disease that has been infected and destroy it(plug trays). Sprinkle sulphur yellow powder on the infected part, spray the plant with biological fungicide, improve the planting environment, reduce the amount of watering, and ensure good ventilation. Tobacco can remove small flying insects on flowers and plants. You can use the remaining cigarette butts and then soak them in water for one night(greenhouse supplies pots), then spray the soaked water on the flowers or wet the pots to remove the small flying insects in the pots.

Use the wind oil to remove the small flying insects in the pot(gallon plant pot), and only need to drop 3 drops of air oil into each solution in 100 ml of water to spray the flowers and plants in the pot, which can effectively prevent various pests and diseases. Removing small flying insects is also very effective. You can also eat the orange peel remaining in the orange (only need fresh orange peel, do not need to dry), soak the fresh orange peel(plastic grow pots), soak the water on the soil in the pot, the small flying insect It will slowly disappear.

(cheap 8 inch plastic plant pots wholesale)The cultivation effect of flowers is good, and watering plays a key role(cell trays). Different flowers, its water demand is also different, should be watered according to their growth habits. For example, many people like succulents, and succulents should be watered once a week; others like aquatic flowers, and aquatic flowers are inseparable from water anyway. There is also that indoor flowers should be watered less, outdoor flowers should be watered more(flat plastic tray); water should be watered in summer and watered in winter.

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