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Cheap Plastic Seed Starting Trays Wholesale Saudi Arabia

Drip Guanyin can purify the air, and it has a strong ornamental, so it is loved by many people(plastic nursery pots). The flower language of Guanyin Guanyin is like-minded, sincere, interesting, and elegant. It can increase the humidity of indoor air and is suitable for indoor breeding. So how should the dripping Guanyin be raised? Next, the staff of the staff decoration network will introduce you to the farming method of dripping Guanyin(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale). 20-25 ° C is the most suitable breeding temperature for dripping Guanyin.

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(cheap plastic seed starting trays wholesale saudi arabia)When the room temperature is lower than 18 degrees(plastic nursery pots wholesale), the dripping Guanyin will enter the dormant period and stop growing. Dripping Guanyin likes the environment of warm and humid half-yin. In the process of breeding, we must especially grasp the changes in the season. Especially now, stepping into the summer, pay special attention to placing the dripping Guanyin in a semi-shade and ventilated place(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale), and it is necessary to spray water on the leaves of the dripping Guanyin several times to maintain the air humidity. Avoid excessive temperature and cause abnormal dripping Guanyin.

The cold resistance of dripping Guanyin is not strong(black plastic nursery pots). According to the difference between north and south, it is necessary to move the dripping Guanyin into the room in autumn and winter. For plants that are half-slow, the most taboo is direct sunlight. When the cultured dripping Guanyin leaves are pulled, it may be the cause of lack of fat. At this time, it is necessary to add some liquid fertilizer to the dripping water Guanyin(blow molded nursery pots). When dripping Guanyin enters the flowering period, ensure that there are 3-5 hours of observation every day. Otherwise, the flower buds will be green and the petiole will be elongated, which will affect the appearance.

(cheap plastic seed starting trays wholesale saudi arabia)In the summer, you can water the dripping water Guanyin(plug trays wholesale). Often some people say that the stems of the dripping Guanyin that he raised are rotten. This is caused by stagnant water. If too much water is given to Guanyin, this will happen, so you should take good care when watering(injection molded nursery pots). In winter, Guanyin will enter a long dormant period, so in winter, watering should be controlled to stop fertilization. The dripping Guanyin is beautiful, but behind it is a hidden crisis.

The rhizome of dripping Guanyin is toxic, so be sure to pay attention during the breeding process(seed starter trays). Golden Ge can work in environments where other indoor plants cannot adapt. Through a process similar to photosynthesis, it can break down toxic substances released from fabrics, walls and smoke into plant-derived substances. Green radish: The high-efficiency air purifier in this organism is native to the Mexican plateau(bulk 20 gallon pots). Because it can simultaneously purify benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde in the air, it is ideally placed in a newly renovated home.

(cheap plastic seed starting trays wholesale saudi arabia)Internationally recognized CAM plants (Sedum acid metabolizing plants, also known as desert succulent plants) are most suitable for indoor planting(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). This plant requires less water and releases oxygen at night. Like Tillandsia, it is the most suitable plant for indoor planting in the summer. You can pour water once a week. Cactus, prickly pear, dormant in summer, low requirements for water and nutrients, can purify the air(bulk 15 gallon pots). In addition, pineapple, mint grass, etc., are very suitable for indoor planting.

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