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After the renovation is completed, the family has raised a pot of longevity flowers(plastic nursery pots). The long-lived flower is a dwarf gamma dish. It is a perennial fleshy herb with leaves opposite to each other, tender and juicy, and easy to break. The top cymbidium has orange red and yellow flowers. Red is the same color, longevity flower plant shape is short, long flowering period, lush flowers, high ornamental value(5 gallon nursery pots). How to cut longevity flowers is simple for some flower friends, but for newcomers, it is still necessary to learn from the experience of other flower friends.

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(3 gallon plastic plant containers wholesale canada)In fact, the longevity flower cuttings are very simple(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Nowadays, many people like to plant some small plants at home to pass the time. The longevity flower is a kind of plant that is very suitable for planting at home. Let's take a look at the cutting method of longevity flower! Stem inserted. This method is more convenient and faster. When the stem is inserted, the top bud of the healthy plant is cut first, about 5 to 6 cm long(15 gallon nursery pots). After the wound is healed, it is inserted into the culture soil to keep the soil moist. After about 2 weeks, the root is rooted and the fertilization can be started.

2, the leaves inserted. Select healthy and fat leaves and cut them(black plastic nursery pots). Place the cut leaves in a cool place for about half an hour until the wounds are dry and healed. Then gently insert or tile them on the breathable sand to keep the sand semi-moist, do not get too wet, otherwise it will rot. When the air is dry or cold, a transparent film can be added to moisturize and keep warm. It is placed in a soft sun and ventilated place(2 gallon nursery pots). It can take root within one month and sprout in four months. It is best to use the branches of the year to grow long-lived flowers in the family.

(3 gallon plastic plant containers wholesale canada)Longevity flowers that have been raised for many years, their own aging will affect the differentiation of flower buds and affect the quality of flowering(seedling trays). The cuttings of longevity flowers, the cuttings of some succulents can also be used for reference. In order to avoid decay, you can not insert succulent branches into the water. The details determine the success or failure, the preparation of the longevity flower cuttings before the hydroponic culture: 1, preparing the cuttings(1 gallon nursery pots), naturally drying the cuts for 1 night or 1 day; 2, washing, disinfecting the seedling box, etc., filling 8 minutes cool white;

3, drill the jack on the disinfected foam(plastic nursery pots manufacturers); use 2 drops of alcohol to open a little root powder (because the rooting powder is not easy to dissolve in water!); 4, the end of the rod licks the rooting powder, and then insert the jack separately All the leaves should be above the foam; 5, remember to make the label, light and flat into the seedling box; 6, if it is winter, you can cover the transparent seed box cover(10 gallon plant pots), summer and autumn do not need to cover, then move the seed box to Light, waiting for rooting.(3 gallon plastic plant containers wholesale canada)

The use of branches to cut longevity flowers should pay attention to the following points: 1. The soil for cutting can use the soil that has been planted before(wholesale nursery pots), or the vegetable garden soil, and the loose sandy loam is better. 2. Use a shallow basin for the potted pot, not a basin that is too deep. 3. If the cut branches are stored for a few days, they are more likely to survive. 4, as long as the branches have two leaves, it is easy to take root, do not bury the leaves, you can try to insert(7 gallon plant pots). 5, after pouring and pouring water, the latter management should be wet between the dry, dry and not wet.

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