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Tomato germination suitable temperature 27 ~ 30 ° C / 20 ~ 23 ° C (day / night, the same below), air relative humidity 90% ~ 95%, germination time required 72 ~ 96 hours(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The trays are transported to the germination chamber, placed on the germination tray, and germinated under the set environmental conditions. About 60% of the seed cotyledons are transported to the nursery facility seedbed when arched out(plastic nursery pots). The trays are directly transported to the nursery facility, placed on the seedbed, covered with white mulch, microporous mulch, non-woven fabric and other materials to moisturize.

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(cheap propagation trays wholesale supplier australia)Tomato intensive seedlings adopt variable temperature management measures at different developmental stages(blow molded nursery pots), namely: stage II, 20-23 °C / 12-15 °C; phase III, 22-25 °C / 14-17 °C; phase IV, 25-28 °C /16 to 19 ° C; Stage V, 15 to 18 ° C / 11 to 14 ° C. In winter and spring seedlings, it is advisable to use multi-layer cover, hot water heating system(plastic nursery pots wholesale), electric heating system and other insulation and heating measures to maintain the temperature required for normal growth and development of seedlings.

Use ventilation, heating and other measures to reduce the humidity of the air in the nursery facility(injection molded nursery pots). Use watering, misting and other measures to increase the air humidity in the nursery facility, so that the relative humidity of the air in the II to IV phase facilities is maintained at 50% to 60%, and the V phase is lowered. Up to 40%(black plastic nursery pots). Use clean and transparent covering materials, hanging reflective curtains, and installing fill light to increase the light intensity and illumination time; use shade net to reduce the light intensity.

(cheap propagation trays wholesale supplier australia)The use of ventilation or opening of the CO2 generator to increase the concentration of CO2 in the facility(bulk 20 gallon pots), in the stage of seedling development III ~ V, so that the CO2 concentration in the facility reaches 600 ~ 800 mg / liter. According to different seedling development stages, water-soluble fertilizers and fertigation methods were used to supplement water and mineral nutrients (Table 2). Commonly used water-soluble fertilizers are 20-20-20+TE(plug trays wholesale), 20-10-20+TE, 12-2-14+6Ca+3 gram+TE, and various fertilizers are used alternately.

The main diseases of tomato seedlings include rickets, blight, disease, and viral diseases(bulk 15 gallon pots). The frequency of fertilization varies with the seedling development stage and the nursery environment. In the second and third stages, the seedling growth and development is slow, and the fertilizer requirement is small. The low-phosphorus fertilizer should be selected and the fertilization interval should be extended appropriately. In the fourth stage, the nursery environment is suitable, the seedling growth and development is fast, and the fertilization interval should be shortened(wholesale nursery pots). If you encounter low temperature and continuous weather during nursery, the interval between fertilization should be extended appropriately.

(cheap propagation trays wholesale supplier australia)You can choose one of the following methods of fertigation(bulk 14 gallon pots). Sprinkler irrigation: using a cantilever sprinkler, or a hand-pushing sprinkler, or manually spraying water or a prepared fertilizer solution from the top of the seedling. Tidal irrigation: Use a tidal seedbed to irrigate water or a prepared fertilizer solution from the bottom of the tray. Combine with temperature, humidity, and light management measures to control the growth of seedlings(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Plant growth regulators are used for plant type regulation if necessary.

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