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Cheap Large Hydroponic Tray Wholesale Online

At the same time, it is precisely because of people's love(flat plastic tray), so the watermelon market is very good, there are many people who naturally grow watermelon. If grafting seedlings, it is necessary to pay attention to the disinfection of the facilities and the preparation of the tray substrate. Potassium permanganate + formaldehyde is generally used in the greenhouse for disinfection(gallon nursery pots). 

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(cheap large hydroponic tray wholesale online)The greenhouse was then closed for 48 hours, after the odor was exhausted(plastic grow pots). Nursery, arch shed, shed film, heat preservation quilt (or straw curtain), etc., and the equipment used in the whole process shall be sprayed and disinfected with 40% formaldehyde aqueous solution 50 times, with a dosage of 30 ml/m2, still closed for 48 hours(cell trays). 

The tray or nutrient mash should be disinfected and reused with 2% bleaching powder for 30 minutes and rinsed with water(greenhouse supplies pots). AAfter that, it is ventilated for 5 days, and after the formaldehyde is completely volatilized, the seedling work is carried out. 1.65 kg of potassium permanganate, 1.65 kg of formaldehyde and 8.4 kg of boiling water per acre (667 m2).

Or soak the seedling plate with 40% formaldehyde solution 100 times for 15~20 minutes, then cover with a plastic film on it, seal it for 7 days, then peel it off, then rinse it off with water(gallon plant pot). Steps for arranging seedlings for seedlings: use high-quality peat, vermiculite and perlite as matrix materials, and mix according to the ratio: 3:1:1. dd a certain amount of fungicide to disinfect the substrate and mix well.

(cheap large hydroponic tray wholesale online)Let's take a look at it. The matrix should be mixed with 1~2 kg of NPK (15% compound fertilizer) per cubic meter(wholesale greenhouse pots). After the grafted seedlings survive, the roots need to be cut off in time to make the roots grow completely. Graded management should be carried out to make the seedlings grow consistently.

It can also be configured with 2:1 with peat and vermiculite(plug trays). Each cubic meter is mixed with 0.8 kg of NPK (20:10:20) seedling fertilizer, or 1~2 kg of NPK (15% compound fertilizer). At the same time, some disinfectants should be added to prevent seedling diseases. After the grafted seedlings survive, they are managed in the same way as the conventional seedlings.

Generally, the roots are broken 10 to 12 days after grafting(seed starter trays). In the case of watermelon planting, many people use grafting seedlings. The low-temperature refining seedlings should be carried out 7 to 10 days before planting, and gradually ventilated to reduce the temperature of the seedbed(propagation tray). The grafting method is adopted, and the seedlings are rooted and inserted into the grafting.

(cheap large hydroponic tray wholesale online)Do not cut off the rootstock cotyledons except when sprouting(square nursery pots). If the grafted seedlings heal, the management of the seedbed is basically the same as that of the conventional seedlings, but it should be noted that the grafted seedlings generally heal completely in the 7-12 days, but the quality of the seedlings will be different after the survival due to the different rootstocks and grafted ears(32 cell plug trays supplier). 

Subsequent addition of formaldehyde to the boiling water produces a smoke reaction(black plastic plant pots). Most grafts require a fixed interface. After rooting, pay attention to temperature, humidity and shading management, promote wound healing, and prevent and cure the scruples. Timely removal of adventitious buds is usually carried out 5 to 7 days after grafting(105 cell plug trays supplier). 

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