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Greenhouse Polystyrene Plant Sowing Trays

The optimum temperature for the roots of strawberry seedlings is 15-20 °C(flat plastic tray). Seedlings can be inserted from the end of July to the end of August. According to the growth of the seedlings, the seedlings of the stalks are selected as seedlings, which does not affect the emergence rate of the production fields. It also ensures that the production field is neat(cell trays). Selection criteria: Select seedlings that have grown new roots, no disease, and three leaves and one heart.

(greenhouse polystyrene plant sowing trays)When inserting the seedlings, first use a finger or a thin wooden stick to puncture the hole in the water-permeable substrate(seed starter trays), and then use the wooden stick or finger to hold the root of the seedling into the matrix, and the seedling is strengthened, and the matrix is compacted and compacted(gallon plant pot). During the packing process, the person in the box will use the marker to mark the name of the variety and other information. 

Cut them with scissors and close them to the neck and neck, put them into a basket or woven bag, etc.(plastic grow pots), and insert the seedlings in time. The depth of seedling insertion is based on deep and not buried, and shallow is not exposed. The sprinkler water column should not be too high, and the substrate should be flushed out of the tray with a waterproof flow(plug trays). After the seedlings survive, spray 0.3% urea plus potassium dihydrogen phosphate every 7 to 10 days.(greenhouse polystyrene plant sowing trays)

After inserting the seedlings, spray water once a day for about 1 week, which is subject to the morning seedlings(square nursery pots). After 1 week, depending on the substrate, the substrate should be kept moist. The seedbed should be searched, and the place where the sprinkler is not poured into the water should be manually watered, and the seedlings whose roots are exposed outside the substrate should be re-inserted in time(128 cell plug trays supplier). With the seedlings with watering, to prevent the seedlings from wilting. 

In this late search, it was found that the yellow leaves and dead seedlings should be removed in time and taken out of the shed for treatment(greenhouse supplies pots). The lower edge of the shade net around the net shed should fall to the ground, which can block direct sunlight in the morning and evening(propagation tray). Under normal circumstances, after 3 weeks of seedling insertion, the roots are full, and the sunshade net can be rolled around the top of the net shed during the day.(greenhouse polystyrene plant sowing trays)

If the temperature is low, the sunshade net rolled up around will be dropped at night to facilitate the growth of strawberry seedlings(black plastic plant pots). The plug seedlings can be colonized about 1 month after the seedlings are inserted. The root system of the pre-planted seedlings is not overgrown. If the growth time is too long, the roots will grow from the bottom of the plug(128 cell seed trays wholesale). It is easy to damage the roots when planting, which is not conducive to operation.

Generally, the seedlings that have been cut are prepared before seedling insertion(wholesale greenhouse pots), and the tips of the roots of the roots and the leaves of the diseased stems are removed, and the trays to be inserted into the seedlings are firstly watered. Mark the variety, date of insertion, etc. The transport of strawberry plug seedlings is restricted by the plugs(seed starting trays supplier). The cartons are custom-made according to the specifications of the plugs, and the plugs are transported.

(greenhouse polystyrene plant sowing trays)Before packing, check the seedlings of the plugs one by one, remove the diseased leaves, and pack the wells with uniformity and lack of seedlings(gallon nursery pots). Forming a tray bed, need to be stored, the project specifically helps strawberry growers solve the problem of seedlings, with 1~2 pieces of unfolded leaves, several small roots (roots) can be seen at the base(32 cell plug trays supplier), the length of small roots Shorter than 1cm. In the early stage of plugging seedlings, avoid sun exposure.

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