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Buy Plastic Plant Pots In Bulk

Not only is the ornamental value of Phnom Penh, but it also releases a strong aroma, so it is very suitable for home planting(black plastic nursery pots). Moreover, it has a long flowering period, and it enters the flowering period from the winter season, which is very suitable for flower viewing during the Spring Festival. For flowering plants such as Phnom Penh, the maintenance management of at least flowering must be done well(104 cell propagation trays wholesale), otherwise it may affect flowering, shorten flowering, or reduce flowering quality.(buy plastic plant pots in bulk)

Then, how to maintain the Phnom Penh fragrant flowering period(plug trays wholesale)? The maintenance work of the Phnom Penh fragrant flowering period, the focus is on the management of the bud period. When Phnom Penh Ruixiang began to form a large number of flower buds, it was precisely when the winter temperature was relatively low. Due to the long flowering period of Phnom Penh, the cold tolerance is relatively poor. In order to avoid the plants being frostbitten or affecting flowering, it is generally necessary to move them to the indoor maintenance in time(9cm plastic grow pots). After all, the indoor temperature can be effectively guaranteed.

(buy plastic plant pots in bulk)Putting Jinbian Ruixiang outdoors can better receive light(plastic nursery pots wholesale), which is very beneficial for plant flower buds and flowering, but it also causes slower and too late flowering due to lower temperature. Even when the temperature is low, it will cause a lot of falling buds, and the situation of falling buds will become more serious. Therefore, in order to ensure the light and temperature(40 cell plug tray wholesale), it is recommended to move it indoors and place it in a bright place near the window sill for daylighting.

In addition to ensuring smooth air circulation, the light should be bright, and sufficient scattered light should be provided(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The temperature should also be suitable. Generally, it is most suitable to keep the ambient temperature at around 10 °C. The other is the problem of nutrients, because the plants need to form flower buds, flower buds, flowering blooms, so the consumption and demand for nutrients are also more(36 cell propagation trays wholesale), so timely topdressing is also very important for promoting flowering.

(buy plastic plant pots in bulk)Although the nutrients of Phnom Penh Ruixiang during the buds must be adequately supplied(plastic nursery pots), it is necessary to ensure that it has enough energy to promote the growth and maturity of the flower buds. And want to have a good flowering effect of Phnom Penh Ruixiang, we should apply more phosphorus and potassium fertilizer at this stage. It is recommended to use potassium dihydrogen phosphate and dilute it to a concentration of 0.1% in a ratio of 1:1000(40 cell propagation trays wholesale), and then perform a full-leaf spray or direct root irrigation on the plant.

Like the semi-shade growth environment with sufficient scattered light(wholesale nursery pots), as long as you are doing the conservation management of light, temperature and pouring in the flowering period of Phnom Penh in Phnom Penh, the plants can not only produce mature flower buds smoothly, but also avoid falling cockroaches. In the case of falling flowers, the plants can bloom smoothly and beautifully as usual(51 cell propagation trays wholesale). At that time, we can also feel the aroma brought by it during the process of viewing the leaves and enjoying the flowers.

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