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Cheap 2.5 Inch Square Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale

Yam has always played a special role in nourishing diet as a traditional food for both medicine and food(plastic plant trays wholesale). With the popularization of food culture and the increasing awareness of people's health care, a large number of yam commodity potato gift boxes and yam deep processing products (such as mountain pills, yam powder, yam cakes and yam drinks) have gradually appeared on the market(5 gallon pot), and the price of yam has changed in the past five years.(cheap 2.5 inch square plastic plant pots wholesale)

The yam seed potato is mainly derived from zero yam and yam diced (yam yam). The potato chips obtained in the first year of zero surplus can be used as seed potatoes for the coming year(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). In order to meet the market demand of yam, the cultivation method and planting scale of yam will also change accordingly(7 gallon nursery pots wholesale). As a traditional yam cultivation technique, trenching cultivation and trenching harvesting are still important methods for cultivation and harvesting of northern yam.

(cheap 2.5 inch square plastic plant pots wholesale)It can be cut at the top of the tuber at 20~30cm when the yam is harvested(large plastic terracotta pots). It can also be cut at the top of the tuber at 20~30cm. The yam can also be cut in the same length. It is sterilized by applying mancozeb or quicklime, and after drying the wound, it is stored in the sputum for germination(10 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The storage method is to first lay a 15cm thick fine sand on the ground, and a layer of fine sand will be planted at a height of about 1m.

It is better to use 60~70cm depth(nursery plant pots). It can be regenerated and rejuvenated with zero surplus seeds. The yam plant is generally degraded after several years of planting. The planting adopts a ditch and double rows. Before the planting, the soil is turned deep after the autumn(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale). After the Qingming season, the yam trencher is used to ditch at a depth of 0.9~1.2m, and it can be planted by pouring water at the bottom of the foot one week before planting.

Generally, the same thickness of the plant is placed on the top, which indicates that the demand for the yam market is expanding(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The medicinal plant is an important material for the production of yam, and the yam plant is planted. Before drying for more than a week, in order to break the dormancy and kill the bacteria(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The yam planting soil is best with leeward sun, deep soil layer, loose soil, organic soil-rich sandy soil and light soil.(cheap 2.5 inch square plastic plant pots wholesale)

First, the soil with a width of about 30~40cm is turned over at the end of the ground(2.5 inch plastic plant pots). Continue to use the iron shovel to turn down the layer of soil at a depth of 30cm. Conducive to yam roots under the tie and nutrient absorption. Continue to add the mature soil of the same depth and width of the second ditch to the first ditch(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale), and deep down the lower layer, the depth is still 30cm, and then level the cultivated land for the next year.

(cheap 2.5 inch square plastic plant pots wholesale)Yam is a drought-tolerant flower. In addition, in the coming year(seedling trays), in the cultivated land that has been deep-turned, the corresponding organic fertilizer 3000~4000kg/667m2, urea 10~15kg/667m2, potassium sulfate 40~50kg/667m2, superphosphate calcium 60~75kg/667m2, rotted cottonseed cake 30~40kg/667m2(15 cell propagation trays wholesale). It also indicates that the demand for and supply of yam is increasing. The lower limit temperature of yam germination is 10 °C. 

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