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Whether at home or in the office, everyone likes to plant some green plants(plastic nursery pots). The benefits of indoor planting are very high. For example, it can remove harmful substances in the air, purify the air, absorb odor, remove air dust, sterilize, release oxygen and maintain mood. The beauty and so on. Since there are so many benefits in raising flowers and plants at home, which plants are suitable for breeding at home? Common domestic plants include: evergreen, brown bamboo, rich tree, ivy, dripping Guanyin(bulk 10 gallon pots), monstera, canna, green radish and spider plant.

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(plastic terracotta pots wholesale supplier)Evergreen is a perennial evergreen plant(plastic nursery pots wholesale), also known as millennium, open throat sword, nine knot lotus, winter without wither, winter without weeding, iron pole, ebony poison, white sand grass, python snake, etc., native to China The South and Japan are very popular and excellent ornamental plants. They have a long history of cultivation in China. The Chinese name means “herbal warm herbs”(7 gallon nursery pots bulk). Brown bamboo, also known as Guanyin bamboo, gluten bamboo, palm bamboo, and short brown bamboo, is an evergreen foliage plant of the palm family.

The brown bamboo is a bush that has erect stems and is 1-3 meters high(black plastic nursery pots). The stems are slender as fingers, unbranched, with leaf nodes, and sheaths with brown reticular fibers. Rich tree, evergreen trees. Hi high temperature and high humidity climate. The cold resistance is poor, the seedlings are not frosted, the adult trees are resistant to light cream and the long-term 5-6C low temperature. The southern part of China can be exposed to winter, and the north of the area must be moved into the greenhouse for winter protection. It is a sandy loam that is fertile and porous(5 gallon nursery pots bulk). Hi acid soil, avoid alkaline soil or sticky soil. It is more resistant to water and humidity and slightly drought-tolerant.

(plastic terracotta pots wholesale supplier)Ivy refers to evergreen woody vines(plug trays wholesale), which are native to Europe, Asia, and North Africa. It is very adaptable to the environment. Like a cooler climate, strong cold resistance, can be used as medicine. Drip Guanyin, Tiannan Xingke, Haishu, also known as dripping lotus, bergamot, etc., perennial evergreen grass plant, has medicinal value; in warm and humid conditions, soil moisture is sufficient, it will be from the tip of the leaf or the edge of the leaf Drop the water(3 gallon nursery pots bulk); and the flowers are like Guanyin, so it is called dripping Guanyin.

The monstera is an evergreen vine with thick stems(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The young leaves are heart-shaped and non-porous. When grown, they are broadly ovate and pinnately split. There are elliptical perforations between the veins, and the leaves have long stems and dark green. Buddha flame flower, Buddha flame boat shape, flowering in November, light yellow. The monstera, also known as "Penglai banana" and "wire grass", is an evergreen climbing foliage plant of the Araceae family(2 gallon nursery pots bulk). The stem is covered with a brown gas root, shaped like a wire, hence the name "wire grass" leaf oval .

(plastic terracotta pots wholesale supplier)In the pinnate veins, there are many long round holes and deep cracks in the tortoise-like shape(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The shape is like a tortoise shell pattern, and the stem has a knot like a bamboo stem, hence the name “Monitorius”. Canna indica perennial herb, high 1 ~ 2m, plants without hair, there are thick rhizomes, for the ginger, canna family. Flowering: summer, autumn, flower language: a solid future, color: white, red, yellow, variegated(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). It is native to India and is now cultivated in various parts of China.

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