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Cheap Small 2.5 Inch Square Plastic Plant Pots

Melons and solanaceous vegetables should pick large fruits in time, remove too many flowers and small fruits(plastic nursery pots), and reduce the excessive consumption of nutrients by plants to promote the normal growth of roots and plants. The price of vegetables before and after the Spring Festival is good(5 gallon pots distributor), and the large fruit is left to pick and harvest before and after the Spring 

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(cheap small 2.5 inch square plastic plant pots)The humidity in the greenhouse is high, which creates favorable conditions for the occurrence of diseases(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The gables on the opposite side of the greenhouse door and the front of the greenhouse are more humid. It is generally believed that the temperature in cloudy days is low, and it is feared that the curtain will be cooled and frozen, and the curtains will not be exposed during the day. 

These places are generally the most susceptible to disease and will become the center of the disease. There are signs of morbidity to prevent and treat in time(3 gallon pots distributor). However, when controlling, it is best to use dusting and aerosol fumigation to minimize leaf spray to reduce humidity and prevent aggravation, increasing the heat storage of the wall and the soil, and promoting the photosynthesis of the leaves.

It is considered that it is best to install a temporary fire channel or to add multiple roasting stoves indoors to remove harmful gases from the outside to prevent poisoning of people and vegetables(black plastic nursery pots). If you use a high-power bulb to warm up, you can usually install a 1300W bulb every 20m. In this regard, a large number of vegetable farmers mistakenly believe that picking early, fruit is small, affecting yield.

There are many ways to warm up. It is ideal to keep the minimum room temperature above 10 °C in the case of ensuring no harm to people and vegetables(2 gallon pots distributor). Do not raise the indoor temperature too high to avoid affecting normal development. It is necessary to hang a film on the back wall of the greenhouse as a reflective screen, which can improve the light intensity of the rear vegetable cultivation. 

(cheap small 2.5 inch square plastic plant pots)Some room temperature should be warmed if the minimum temperature falls below 7 °C(plug trays wholesale). When the vegetable growers encounter continuous cloudy days in autumn and winter, they can use sandy soil for timely uncovering, and the leaves will be wilted and burnt. Festival, causing the phenomenon of flower topping and premature senescence of plants, which seriously affects the yield and benefits.

At night, the heat stored in the wall can be slowly released, and the temperature in the middle of the night can be kept high to prevent freezing damage of the seedlings(1 gallon pots distributor). Planting shorter vegetables such as peppers and zucchini in the greenhouse can increase the coverage of small bow sheds and straw curtains, and the antifreeze effect is better. Therefore, farmers should check these places frequently.

There is a big misunderstanding of increasing lighting management(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). However, the scattered light of the cloud layer plays an important role in increasing the temperature in the greenhouse. In autumn and winter, especially in bad weather such as overcast, rain, snow, etc.(7 gallon pots manufacturer), the ground temperature is low and the light is weak, which is not conducive to the absorption of nutrients by the root system.

(cheap small 2.5 inch square plastic plant pots)The temperature in autumn and winter plays a key role in the growth of vegetables(wholesale nursery pots). It is not necessary to check frequently. Continuous cloudy weather, the amount of ventilation is relatively small, no matter which way to warm, there must be a flue(2 gallon pots manufacturer), the front of the greenhouse is the largest cooling surface, the grass curtain covered above must be thick.

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