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Rose flower is also known as white residual flower, hedgehog, and buy laughter(wholesale nursery pots). Since ancient times, it is Jiahua Minghui. What about the yellow leaves of the rose flower? The rose flower likes the moist environment and is afraid of water(40 cell plug tray wholesale). Improper watering, too dry or too wet, will affect the growth of the roots, causing the leaves to yellow.(cheap 7 inch plant pot wholesale supplier)

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From the beginning of the early spring germination to the flowering period(plastic nursery pots wholesale), watering should be carried out according to the weather conditions. Generally, it should be watered for 3~4 times to keep the soil moist. Water is re-watered 2~3 times in summer and 2~3 times in autumn, and then the ventilation and moisture should be ventilated to reduce the air humidity in the shed to a suitable range to facilitate the robust growth of the plant. 

Watering ensures no water in the roots. Rose flower fertilization is generally in the autumn, if fertilized too early, it will affect the growth of the roots(51 cell propagation trays wholesale). Solution: Rose and rose look similar, maintenance methods are similar, and the management of roses is relatively extensive. However, in the process of extensive cultivation, the rose will have yellowing of the leaves. The rose flower is the flower of the deciduous shrub wild rose. 

Solution: The foliar fertilizer can be sprayed properly and fertilized in the soil in the fall(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Such as urea, potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution, pay attention to the content of nitrogen fertilizer, do not overdose, so as not to cause the growth of leaves and leaves. At the same time, it will also affect the increase of ground temperature, hinder the absorption of nutrients by roots and affect its normal growth.

The leaves of the rose flower are yellow, which may also be a threat of disease. After the common diseases: black spot(90mm plastic grow pots), powdery mildew, rust, there will be different degrees of spots on the leaves, the leaves will be chlorotic, and the leaves will fall off in severe cases. After watering, the roots are stimulated less, the ground temperature recovers quickly, and there is enough time to remove the moisture in the shed.

(cheap 7 inch plant pot wholesale supplier)Just how to make the leaves of the rose flower yellow: Do not apply fertilizer immediately after planting(plastic nursery pots). If the rose is very thin, if the watering is reduced, it will affect the amount of flowering. In addition, the amount of fertilization also has an effect, too much fertilization, root burning, too little fertilization, insufficient nutrients, will lead to yellowing of the leaves. 

The solution: no matter what kind of disease, once it appears, it will cause the rose to be seriously injured, and it is necessary to prevent it in time(104 cell propagation trays wholesale). If the disease is found, timely treatment, spraying the corresponding agent, once a week, the continuous spraying effect is better. Watering in the evening will reduce the temperature of the shed, and there is no time to wet the shed. Gas is discharged.(cheap 7 inch plant pot wholesale supplier)

Mainly watering small water, watering in the morning on a sunny day(plug trays wholesale). On a sunny morning, the water temperature is close to the ground temperature. If watering is done after noon, the temperature difference between ground temperature and water temperature is the largest. After pouring, the ground temperature will suddenly change, affecting the growth and development of roots(10cm plastic grow pots). 

It is easy to cause insufficient oxygen supply in vegetable roots, which is not conducive to the growth of vegetable roots(black plastic nursery pots). Timely warming and draining. On the day of watering, in order to restore the ground temperature as soon as possible, the greenhouse should be closed first, the temperature of the shed should be raised, the temperature should be raised to the temperature(9cm plastic grow pots). 

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