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Cheap Mini Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale

In winter and spring, the light conditions in plastic greenhouses directly affect the growth, yield and quality of greenhouse vegetables(5.12inch plastic plant pots). The shed surface is tightened with No. 8 galvanized iron wire, which not only saves building materials, but also reduces shading, which is very popular(black plastic nursery pots). It is preferable to use a non-drip film for the shed film, and a polyethylene film for the ordinary film.(cheap mini plastic plant pots wholesale)

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It should be noted that whitening the building materials and walls can increase the reflected light and extend the service life(4.92inch plastic plant pots). The orientation of the greenhouse and the angle of the shed. Studies have shown that crops have the strongest absorption capacity for red and blue-violet light, so the lamp source is better with fluorescent lamps, high-pressure mercury lamps, and arc xenon lamps.(cheap mini plastic plant pots wholesale)

It should be adjusted according to the time of use of the greenhouse, the purpose of production and the requirements of the crop for the lighting conditions(plug trays wholesale). In the plastic greenhouse mainly cultivated in spring and autumn, the angle of the shed surface can be smaller, and the shed surface is flattened, so that the distance of the transmitted light is equal and evenly distributed. Generally, it is controlled from 2 hours to 3 hours every day.

In winter, the angle of the shed is larger, and the shed is arched to facilitate the use of light. Reasonably matched planting(5.5inch plastic plant pots). When planting different varieties of vegetables in plastic greenhouses, they should be rationally planted according to the principle of high in the north and low in the south. Appropriate increase in the height of the greenhouse can also improve the lighting conditions in the shed.

When sowing, the seeds are oriented in the same direction. When transplanting, the cotyledons are arranged in parallel, and the specifications are strictly cultivated to make the plants grow neatly and minimize the shading between the plants(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The autumn and winter scorpion adopts the east and west scorpion, and the winter and spring scorpion adopts the north and south ridges to make the plants receive light evenly.

(cheap mini plastic plant pots wholesale)Strengthening cultivation management is also conducive to improving the lighting conditions in the shed(4.72inch plastic nursery pots). Keeping the shed film clean, water droplets and dust on the shed film have a great influence on the lighting conditions in the shed. The specific requirements and practices are: fill light intensity. Water droplets and dust on the shed film should be cleaned and cleaned frequently. 

After snowing, the snow should be removed in time to increase the transparency and the amount of light(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Warm materials such as grass scorpions covered on the outside of the greenhouse should be uncovered under the premise of not significantly affecting the temperature inside the shed to ensure the lighting area and extend the illumination time. Promote the use of aluminized reflective screens. 

In addition, fill light time. The greenhouse is ventilated for half an hour after sunrise, which can reduce the water droplets on the membrane surface and thus increase the light transmittance(5.9inch plastic plant pots). Do a good job of artificial light. In this way, the ground can be brightened by 40% to 43%, the shed temperature can be increased by 3 °C to 4 °C, and the ground temperature can be increased by 1.8 °C to 2.9 °C.

Artificial fill light requires a large amount of light. light source(plastic nursery pots). There are five main measures to improve the lighting conditions of greenhouse vegetables. Improve the structure of the greenhouse. It is best to use galvanized steel pipe greenhouses and Shouguang string-type greenhouses. After the light intensity in the shed increases, it stops, and the rainy weather can fill the light all day.

Winter fill light should be carried out after sunrise(4.72inch plastic plant pots). The polyester aluminized film is used to splicing into a 2 m wide and 3 m long reflective curtain, which is hung on the upper end of the plastic shed and the lower side hangs to the ground(wholesale nursery pots). In the deep winter season or in plastic greenhouses with insufficient sunlight, artificial light supplementation is especially important. 

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