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When spinach grows slowly, it is ripe(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Maybe because the soil moisture is not enough, the soil is too dry, making the spinach roots difficult to breathe and cause yellowing(72 cell trays bulk). Therefore, we must maintain good soil moisture, if it is a little yellow, don't worry too much. This is like normal metabolism, if it is due to other factors.(bulk buy cheap plastic gallon containers)

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After emergence, the sunshade net is lifted to 60~70 cm, and it is built into a small arch shed to prevent sun exposure(wholesale nursery pots), rain erosion, and remove the sunshade in the evening. Maintaining a certain humidity in the field is the key to the high yield and quality of summer and autumn coriander. But when the leaves are easy to yellow, people won't choose yellowed spinach.

The principle of water management is “no drought, no pouring, less pouring in the early stage, and more pouring in the later stage”(98 cell trays bulk). In addition to shading and cooling, it should be sprayed once in the morning and evening. The cool and humid cultivation environment is more conducive to seed germination and growth. Therefore, we must take early prevention.

Drilling and thinning(black plastic nursery pots), encountering high temperature and drought in the weather, watering should be a small number of times, always keeping the soil moist, preventing coriander from growing poorly or dying due to lack of water. The requirements for sunshine intensity are not strict, and they can be interposed with high-crop crops. Picking in the morning or evening, once every harvest. 

When the seedlings grow a true leaf, apply a nitrogen fertilizer of about 6 kg per mu per mu to promote the healthy growth of the seedlings(32 cell trays bulk). After spraying the canthenium lactone 5000 times solution or organic liquid fertilizer every 7~10 days, it is beneficial to the green and soft stems and leaves and improve the quality. The above is the high-yield planting technology and management points of coriander.

(bulk buy cheap plastic gallon containers)When the seedling height is 6~10 cm, it will be harvested according to the temperature, plant size and market conditions(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Generally, 30-40 days after sowing, low temperature treatment can significantly improve the germination rate of alfalfa seeds, and the cultivated plants are strong and more resistant to heat, so as to facilitate ventilation.

The nutritional value of coriander is very high(105 cell trays bulk). It can be eaten raw, cooked and fried, and used as a filling. If you want to grow high-yield coriander, you can master the above planting techniques and management points to achieve high yield. Under high temperature and long-day conditions, and the other is to suspend the seeds in a cool deep well, the plants are easy to smoke and bloom. 

Spinach is a long-day crop(plug trays wholesale). There are two commonly used treatment methods: one is refrigerator refrigeration, the refrigerator is used to refrigerate the seeds for 7-10 days at a low temperature of 5~10 °C(50 cell trays bulk), with the help of low temperature refrigeration in the well 10 Around the day, the large and small, can also achieve the effect of low temperature germination.

(bulk buy cheap plastic gallon containers)Let's take a look at the planting time and planting conditions of each spinach variety(plastic nursery pots). Spinach is a leafy vegetable, which requires more nitrogen fertilizer and appropriate phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. The seeds can germinate at 4 ° C, and the tissue is tender. After 10 to 15 minutes, the seedling bed should be watered in moderation(128 cell trays bulk). 

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