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Cheap 2.5 Inch Square Plastic Plant Pots

Tulips are fertile, and high stem varieties are suitable for cut flowers or flower arrangements(flat plastic tray), or they can be planted on the edge of the lawn. Medium and short varieties are suitable for potted plants, which are decorated with indoor environment to add a festive atmosphere. Tulips are rare and valuable flowers. Many people will not hesitate to go to the garden area to see the beauty of tulips. When choosing homes, choose tulip pots. Not only can you often see the flowers you like, but you can also decorate your home(15 gallon flower pots). Why not? for.

(cheap 2.5 inch square plastic plant pots)In addition, when the tulip sprouts, it has the characteristics of summer dormancy, autumn planting, and winter growth in the soil(plastic grow pots). The growth and flowering temperature is 15 °C-20 °C, and the bulb storage temperature is 20 °C-25 °C in summer, which can withstand low temperature in winter. The tulip requires water and gas to be planted in the soil. The salinity should not be too high or too acidic. The pH should be not less than 6(1020 trays). The peat, decomposed soil and sand should be mixed with 1:1 as a cultivation substrate.

This kind of lesion occurs mostly in a low-temperature and humid environment with poor ventilation(greenhouse supplies pots). The ground plant should be placed in a sunny leeward, and the potted plant can be placed in a sunny room. Tulips are important spring flower bulbs, and short stature varieties should be arranged in spring flower beds. Sexually enjoys sunny, warm and humid winters, cool and dry climates in summer, avoiding heat and dampness(5 gallon plant pot). It should be loose, fertile, slightly acidic, well-drained sandy loam, avoid alkaline soil and continuous cropping.

(cheap 2.5 inch square plastic plant pots)Tulips prefer sunlight(wholesale greenhouse pots), the suitable temperature for growth period and flowering period is 15-20 °C, the summer dormancy period is required to be between 20-25 °C, and the winter time can not be lower than -5 °C. Adequate sunlight is necessary for the growth of tulips. Insufficient illumination will result in poor plant growth, causing buds, weakened plants, lighter leaf color and shorter flowering period(nursery trays). However, after the tulip has been in the basin for more than half a month, it should be properly shaded to facilitate the new roots of the bulb.

The elongation of flower buds is inhibited by light(seed starter trays). After shading, it can promote the elongation of flower buds and prevent premature vegetative growth from growing too fast. After emergence, light should be added to promote plant jointing, form flower buds and promote coloration. After the flower buds are completely colored, they should be protected from direct sunlight and prolonged flowering time. Tulips enjoy warm winters and cool summers with a moderate temperature of 9-13 °C(1 gallon nursery pots). It has strong cold resistance and can withstand low temperatures of -35 °C in winter.(cheap 2.5 inch square plastic plant pots)

After planting, water should be poured and applied in three times to make the soil and the bulbs fully and tightly combined to facilitate rooting(2.5 inch plastic plant pots). After sprouting, the water should be properly controlled. When the leaves are gradually elongated, water can be sprayed on the leaves to increase the humidity of the air. The flowering period and the bud stage should ensure sufficient water supply to promote the full development of the flowers, and properly control the water after flowering. Tulips are planted from October to November in the fall(black plastic plant pots). After planting, water is poured once, and in winter, it is covered with straw to prevent freezing.

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