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Wholesale 2.5 Inch Square Plastic Succulent Pots

Onion belongs to the perennial herb of Allium, with large bulbs and nearly spherical shape(flat plastic tray). Paper to thin leather and thickened endothelium is one of the vegetables that are often eaten in many places. It can effectively lower blood pressure, refresh the mind, relieve stress and prevent colds. It is also a good choice to grow onions(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). 

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It is advisable to choose sandy loam or new land that is loose and fertile(plastic grow pots), convenient for irrigation and drainage, and has not been planted with onion and garlic. Before planting as much as possible, it is necessary to finely level the ground and apply enough base fertilizer. However, when there is more rain in the spring, it is necessary to drain the ditch in time to prevent water from accumulating in the field.

This will allow the onions to grow normally and start to be planted in flat(cell trays). Before sowing, it should be immersed in warm water for 24 hours, dried and mixed with dry soil.  The planting specifications are: plant spacing 10-12 cm, row spacing 14-16 cm, planting depth 2-3 cm, planting about 8,000 plants per acre. What are the cultivation methods to increase the yield of onions?

7 days after transplanting, every 10-6 days during the nursery period(greenhouse supplies pots), the mature manure water is drenched once, and the seedling period can be transplanted in about 40 days. Onions are more taboo, and the planting area should be planted with locusts, melons, and rice in the late season, especially in the looser loam or new loess. 

Before the planting, 25 kg of lime is used for soil disinfection per acre(gallon plant pot), and 1500-2000 kg of high-quality decomposed soil fertilizer is used as the base fertilizer. Stop watering 10 days before harvest, which is more conducive to harvesting and avoiding high water content of the bulbs and not resistant to storage. The soil layer should be loose, finely divided and flat. 

70-75 grams of seedbed is required per acre, covered with fine soil after sowing, covered with weeds, protected from rain and sun(seed starter trays). Onion seedlings grow slowly and can be used to suspend top dressing(plug trays). In late March, the bulbs rapidly expanded, and 1250 kg of manure and excrement were applied per mu, and fertilization was stopped 25 days before harvest.

Let's take a look! It is planted with sorghum, with a width of 80-100 cm and a height of 25-30 cm(wholesale greenhouse pots). It is usually planted from mid-November to early December, so that the seedlings grow rapidly before the "Great Cold" and will not be damaged by freezing(propagation tray). After planting, the root water is drenched, which is more conducive to the survival of the onion seedlings. 

Apply fire-burning soil or high-quality soil fertilizer every 7-8 days, which can promote hair rooting and enhance cold resistance(square nursery pots). By the end of February of the next year, when the bulbs enter the expansion period, the fertilizer should be applied 1-2 times, and 10-12 kg of urea per acre and 5-6 kg of potassium sulfate(germination tray). In recent years, the market demand for onions is very high.

In the early stage(black plastic plant pots), the seedlings are small, the temperature is low, and the water demand is small, so that the soil can be kept moist. After the warm spring, the temperature is getting higher, the onion growth rate is faster, the bulbs are formed in a large amount and enter the expansion period, and the demand for water is high, so it is necessary to pour enough water(plastic pots for plants online).

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