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Cheap Rice Seedling Tray Supplier Philippines

In the first phase, the demand for water and oxygen is high for germination(cell trays), the relative humidity of the substrate is maintained at about 95%, and the water supply is best in the form of spray. The relative humidity of the second stage should be reduced to 80%, which increases the ventilation of the substrate. It should increase with the growth of seedlings; in the fourth phase, water supply is limited to healthy plants(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). In addition, in the water management, we must pay attention to the fact that it is not suitable for watering in the rainy days; it will not be watered after three o'clock in the afternoon;

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(cheap rice seedling tray supplier philippines)Four periods of plug seedlings: seed germination(propagation tray); cotyledon and stem elongation (rooting period); true leaf growth period; The limitation of the growth space of the upper part and the underground part of the seedling seedlings leads to the growth of the seedlings. The production of the short and strong seedlings is the key to the seedling raising technology(plastic plant trays wholesale). The light can be transmitted through light (light intensity and light quality) and temperature (large Temperature difference), water management and plant growth regulators are used to achieve the goal.

Plug seedlings are a trend in the future, but in a short period of time(gallon nursery pots), the proportion in our country will not be greatly improved. However, due to the higher efficiency of the planting areas such as sightseeing picking gardens, you can try to use the seedlings. At the same time, by adjusting the substrate, improving the trays, and raising large-scale professional nursery seedlings to reduce costs(square nursery pots), the price of the seedlings will be further reduced, which is expected to drop to 1 yuan or even lower, which will greatly increase the attraction of the seedlings. force.

(cheap rice seedling tray supplier philippines)When topdressing is carried out when the temperature is low in winter, especially when the temperature is close to 5 °C(plug trays), the plant will greatly reduce the resistance, especially the cold resistance. In this case, if you do not move it indoors in time to take necessary warm-up measures, it is prone to freezing damage, affecting its smooth wintering(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Moreover, there is a risk of causing fat damage. If the humidity is too large and the ventilation is not smooth, it is easy to cause rotten roots and the like.

Now there is only winter(black plastic plant pots), so what is the fertilizer in Yushu in winter? I am eager to consider the above aspects. Potted eucalyptus usually only applies base fertilizer when it is in the spring and autumn, but the temperature is too high or too low in summer and winter. Plants grow slowly, consume little nutrients and are not suitable for fertilization. Therefore, the question of what kind of fertilizer is good for Yushu in winter will naturally be solved(wholesale greenhouse pots). Therefore, in the winter should stop fertilizing potted eucalyptus.(cheap rice seedling tray supplier philippines)

It is understood that a Sichuan Shuangliu grower encountered in the process of looking for a good seedling in the base said that she used the seedlings(gallon plant pot). Through the promotion and promotion in recent years, the advantages of good seedling growth, high yield, low disease and high quality have been recognized by more and more growers, but there are very few use of seedlings in production(greenhouse supplies pots). In addition, when the bare root seedlings are transplanted into the ground, it takes a period of time to slow down the seedling process.

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