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Cheap Black Plastic Tray Insert Wholesale Suppliers Utah

At the recent observation ceremony of the National Strawberry Plug Seedling Seminar(4 cell propagation trays wholesale), strawberry experts from all over the country evaluated the local seedlings. However, most of the current strawberry cultivation in China is based on self-propagated naked root seedlings, and serious varieties have been degraded in many places. At the same time, the specifications of bare root seedlings sold on the market are uneven, and the quality is difficult to guarantee(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The roots and stems of many seedlings are less than 0.6cm.

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(cheap black plastic tray insert wholesale suppliers utah)Then, there is still no room for development in this way of raising seedlings(6 cell propagation trays wholesale). This kind of seedlings are planted, the survival rate is low, the yield is low, and the quality is low, which seriously restricts the development of China's strawberry industry. Buying strawberry seedlings nowadays is often purchased across provinces, even directly from the Internet, and strawberry seedlings are delivered through logistics(black plastic nursery pots). This cross-regional delivery of strawberry seedlings is common in foreign countries. For example, 100% of strawberry seedlings in Florida, USA are shipped from Canada.

However, the domestic cold chain logistics is not perfect(8 cell propagation trays wholesale), and the quality of the bare root seedlings is not enough for long-distance transportation. The root system is fragile and cannot withstand the dangers of high temperature and high temperature. Therefore, such seedlings will slow down after colonization and die. Miaoduo, many parks have a cycle of "dead, make up, die, and make up"(plug trays wholesale), which misses the normal strawberry growing season and wastes a lot of manpower and material resources. The ultimate benefit can be imagined.

(cheap black plastic tray insert wholesale suppliers utah)According to Dr. Zhang Yuntao, the director of the Strawberry Branch of the Chinese Horticultural Society(12 cell propagation trays wholesale), the use rate of domestic seedlings is only 1-2%, and the bare root seedlings are still the mainstream of the market. The low utilization rate of plug seedlings, or the high utilization rate of seedlings for many years of continuous self-propagation has become an important factor restricting the strawberry industry from large to strong(plastic nursery pots). And our neighboring strawberry powers Japan, its seedlings are basically using substrate seedlings or plug seedlings, seedlings.

Strawberry itself is a kind of herb(18 cell propagation trays wholesale). Since the advantages of the seedlings are so remarkable, why is it difficult to promote it? The high price caused by high cost makes the growers discouraged when they choose the seedlings. At present, the price of domestic plugs is 1.2-1.4 yuan per plant, while the price of bare root seedlings is only half or even lower(wholesale nursery pots). Although the benefits of strawberry planting have been considerable in recent years, many growers are still very sensitive to the price of strawberry seedlings.

(cheap black plastic tray insert wholesale suppliers utah)At the same time, many growers calculate the cost of strawberry seedlings from another angle(36 cell propagation trays wholesale). She believes that considering the survival rate of bare root seedlings, the extra cost of replenishing seedlings, and the increase in high yield of strawberries, she believes that the seedlings are more cost-effective. According to experts, because the seedlings are generally used for detoxification seedlings(plastic nursery pots wholesale), plus the cost of equipment, labor, equipment, and labor, the cost is generally higher, and the market price is higher than that of bare roots less.

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