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Large Greenhouse Nursery Pots Wholesale USA

Many meat friends had doubts about the "Yulu" leaf insertion, and felt that it was impossible to insert the leaves(plastic nursery pots). In fact, the Yulu leaf insertion is very common, and the leaves are more stubborn than Sedum. If there is any description in the text, please feel free to ask for comments and I will correct the corrections in time. First of all, the leaves of Yulu should be taken down completely. As for how to take it(72 cell plug trays supplier), what to take, according to the individual's situation and method, I use the knife, and occasionally directly.

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(large greenhouse nursery pots wholesale usa)The leaves should be placed in a place where the sun is not directly exposed to dry(plastic nursery pots wholesale), at least the wounds should be dry. I usually only dry for a few hours. Everyone is afraid of problems and it will be fine for a day or two. The leaves can be inserted into the leaves, and the soil is moisturized. I use peat soil, because my family only has peat, and the leaves are covered with soil. The position of the growth point can also be buried with soil(200 cell seed starting trays). The seedlings sprout. It is the president.

The soil should be kept moist, not too dry, too dry to affect the germination(black plastic nursery pots). I basically spray some water every day because the temperature of the balcony is high during the day and the water is evaporated. I think the jade leaf insertion temperature is between 15-25 degrees. The high temperature leaves will be dried and the temperature will be low(72 cell propagation trays). Yulu leaves need to bask in the sun, but don't let the sun shine too much (the sun that feels comfortable on our own face, so on the sun).

(large greenhouse nursery pots wholesale usa)Yulu itself is not as fast as Jingtian, and so is the leaf plug, so everyone will wait patiently to witness the birth of one life(plug trays wholesale). Compared with other succulents, Yulu leaves are relatively partial to the door. For many flower friends, the success rate is not particularly high, but as long as the details are grasped, the success rate of jade leaves can still be very high(32 cell seed starter trays). The following are flowers. Friends of their own leaves inserted Yulu experience, I hope to help the flower friends.

Use a sharp knife to slowly draw along the leaves and rhizome links(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Note that you must take as much as possible of the rhizome tissue. It is more breathable and the leaves are completely removed. The key to the success of the jade leaves is that the leaves retain some rhizomes. Organization, if not, is almost impossible to succeed). The leaves are placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry(plant start trays wholesale). At this time, you can grasp and observe the incision. It will converge completely. I have been drying for three days.

(large greenhouse nursery pots wholesale usa)Water the water and keep it moist(wholesale nursery pots), but don't let the leaves soak in the water, keep it ventilated, astigmatize, and the light is slightly darker. Continue to be moist, ventilated, and astigmatous. If all the above steps are completed, after about a month or so, there will be small things slowly appearing, either roots or small leaves. At this time, look at the seventh step and continue to be moist(200 cell seed starter trays), but the watering time can be compared. A little longer before, the light can be slightly stronger.

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