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The summer temperature is high, from 12 am to 2 pm in the afternoon(plug trays wholesale). At this time, the water will cause the temperature of the soil to drop suddenly, which will cause the water absorption capacity of the roots to decrease, and the body water required for the cooling of the leaves cannot be normally supplied. Produce a "physiological drought", and in severe cases, there will be wilting. The winter temperature is low, especially when the temperature is lower than 10 °C(4 cell trays bulk), the water absorption of the plant is obviously weakened, and it is basically in a semi-dormant state.(cheap plastic nutrition pots wholesale supplier)

When water is poured in a large amount, the plant can not only absorb, but also make the pot soil too wet for a long time, causing rotten roots(plastic nursery pots). Therefore, watering in summer should generally be before 9:00 am or after 5 pm; in winter, it should be carried out at room temperature above 10 °C. Watering should be less than 10 °C. The water temperature and soil temperature cannot be too wide(6 cell trays bulk). Especially in winter, in order to avoid the plant "cold catch cold" caused by too much temperature difference, it is absolutely impossible to directly use tap water or well water to water the flowers.

The cold water can be stored indoors for 1 to 2 days(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), on the one hand, the harmful substances in the water are precipitated or evaporated, and on the other hand, the cold water is heated for a sufficient period of time. Clivia uses water, the city is mostly tap water, and the rural areas use well water. Urban tap water is often disinfected and contains chlorine in water, which is harmful to Clivia plants(8 cell trays bulk). Groundwater such as well water has high hardness and contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium. The long-term use will make the soil alkalized and knotted.

(cheap plastic nutrition pots wholesale supplier)These waters must be stored for 1 to 2 days, commonly known as "water trapping"(plastic nursery pots wholesale). If necessary, a small amount of acidic substances such as ferrous sulfate and oxalic acid should be added to neutralize the water. Watering Clivia should be based on seasonal, climatic conditions, different growth stages, plant health, soil structure, potting and size, etc. to determine whether watering and watering(12 cell trays bulk). Domestic wastewater includes washing water, dishwashing water, washing water, washing water, tea water, rice water and so on.

In order to save water, people often use domestic wastewater to water the flowers(wholesale nursery pots). Some may contain pesticides, which are harmful to Clivia. Clivia is a fleshy root, and rice water and tea water are easy to attract small flying insects and even produce odor. Therefore, the use of domestic wastewater to water the flowers must be cautious(18 cell trays bulk). Clivia is a moist soil environment, but if the soil is too wet, the air in the soil is squeezed away, and the roots are difficult to breathe. After a long time, there will be rotten roots.(cheap plastic nutrition pots wholesale supplier)

Conducive to the growth of the crape myrtle, can be applied to the fertilizer at regular intervals, to supplement the nutrition(black plastic nursery pots). Some of the domestic water contains detergent, and the temperature is too high or too low to water. Under normal circumstances, the root system is too dry and relatively cold-resistant, which will affect the metabolic activity of the plant. If the water shortage exceeds a certain limit, the plants will wilted or even die(36 cell trays bulk). Therefore, to raise a family potted Clivia, watering must be carried out in accordance with the correct method of operation.

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