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Decorative Plastic Flower Pots Manufacturers China

With the development of the country's economic construction(51 cell trays bulk), the improvement of people's living standards and the need for the construction of two civilizations, the scope of flower applications is becoming more and more extensive, resolving phlegm and detoxification, and the demand is also increasing(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Flowers are an important part of urban and rural greening and an important means of beautifying the environment.

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The green leaves contain anthocyanins, lutein and carotene. For people to prevent and cure diseases(104 cell trays bulk), there are chrysanthemums for improving eyesight and cooling, Chinese rose for treating irregular menstruation, Jiulixiang for promoting blood circulation and removing wind and dampness, Fusang for clearing lungs, and medlar and lotus for nourishing liver and kidney(gallon pot). The flowers, leaves, fruits, roots, etc. of pomegranate.

(decorative plastic flower pots manufacturers china)The flowers of ornamental flower plants are mainly used for viewing flowers(72 cell seed starting trays). This kind of flower has the characteristics of gorgeous perianth, bright color, and enchanting flower shape, such as peony, camellia, magpie, rose, hibiscus, crape myrtle, hibiscus, wisteria, orchids, peony, chrysanthemum, hydrangea in woody flowers , Clivia, lily, Celestia, geranium, Tang sylva, canna, dahlia, water lilies(plug trays), narcissus, lotus, etc.

Especially the flowers as a symbol of modern civilized life(128 cell seedling start trays). With the improvement of people’s living standards and the improvement of housing conditions, they are becoming more and more popular. Shape and its charm. There are many variations in the green leaves, including light green, medium green and dark green. Light green has 12 colors, medium green has 18 colors, and dark green has 10 colors(gallon nursery pots). Green gives people a pleasing feeling.

As the climate changes, some turn yellow and some turn red, which is spectacular, such as the red maple of "Frost Leaf Red February Flower"(128 cell seed starter trays), Jin Piao Man Mountain, Ambilight yellow files and so on. Flowers are a symbol of beauty, rown-black ligustrum, happiness and good fortune, and a kind of civilized and noble gift for interpersonal communication(gallon plant pot). The stem parts of ornamental flower plants are mainly used for viewing stems.(decorative plastic flower pots manufacturers china)

The appreciation value can be divided into the following aspects(seed plug trays wholesale): viewed from the perspective of leaf shape, they are also in various forms and very peculiar, such as octagonal golden plate, monstera, and cycads, araucarias, betel nuts, palm bamboos, and palm palms with southern scenery(cell trays). Other leaves are quite charming and profound, such as poplar leaves that symbolize sadness, willow leaves that symbolize parting, and Albizia leaves that symbolize joy.

(decorative plastic flower pots manufacturers china)Such as orange-red persimmons, orange-yellow kumquats, oranges, and generations(32 cell seed starting trays), bright red southern dog bamboo, firethorn, gooseberry, tiger thorn, wolf bone, bvermilion pomegranate, snow white The Uber, a multi-colored five-color pepper, and other potted strawberries, grapes, apples, etc.(square grow pots), all have high ornamental value, reflecting the spring and autumn harvest. Sanwei sunflower, Brazil wood, Pachira, Banyan, etc.

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