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However, the distribution width decreased after the root system was deeply rooted(128 cell plug trays supplier). The cultivated depth increased from 0.6 feet to 2 feet, and the distribution width of root system decreased by 24.5 cm. In addition, the downward movement of roots is not infinite(3.54inch plastic plant pots). For example, if the depth is 3 feet, 75-94% of roots are still concentrated in 0-j or 50 cm soil. Therefore, deep translation does not mean the better.

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When waterlogging occurred in the seedling stage of maize, the accumulation rate of dry matter in the root system was slow(gallon pot). After waterlogging for 3 days, the dry matter weight of the root system was only 76.9% of that of the control, and it was 40% after waterlogging for 9 days(3.94inch plastic plant pots). After waterlogging for 3 days, the absorption capacity of the root system was reduced by more than half, and the color of the leaf became purple.(greenhouse trays and pots manufacturers canada)

After waterlogging for 12 days, the absorption capacity was reduced by nearly 70%, the photosynthetic intensity was reduced by 17~37%, the growth of the plant was stagnant(40 cell plug tray wholesale). It also indicated that the time of photoperiod effect on leaf number was from sowing to the beginning of differentiation of Andromeda(4 inch plastic pots wholesale). The effect of soil water on root growth soil water content has a strong impact on the growth and function of maize root system.

(greenhouse trays and pots manufacturers canada)Therefore, the cultivation, ploughing, Qi, pressing before sowing and the weeding after sowing are beneficial to the growth of root system(square grow pots). The root resorption caused by fertilization is the first organ affected by fertilizer. The soil is lack of fertilizer, the root growth is poor, and the physiological function is reduced(bulk pots). Wangmi root system is fertilizer oriented, and it will chase fertilizer to meet the needs of plant growth and development.

Therefore, the nutrient status under the layer can affect the root depth(104 cell propagation trays wholesale). In the soil with sufficient fertilizer and water, the growth rate of stem and the last plant height were higher than the suitable density. When the amount of N, P and K fertilizer is sufficient and the proportion is appropriate(2.5inch square nursery pots). Therefore, photoperiod and light intensity have great influence on the growth of culm, especially on the quantity of photosynthetic products.

For example, the application of basic fertilizer is beneficial to the balanced development of root system in all directions(plastic grow pots), the strip fertilization can make the root grow strongly in or near the belt, and the seed fertilizer can increase the number of layers and roots of secondary roots(51 cell propagation trays wholesale). The effect of temperature and light on root growth soil temperature is one of the important factors that affect the growth and function of maize root system.(greenhouse trays and pots manufacturers canada)

The growth and absorption activity of maize root system is higher under strong light than under weak light(flat plastic tray). Under strong light, the photosynthetic intensity of maize plant is higher, and there are more organic nutrients delivered to the root system. Therefore, the influence of light on the growth and physiological function of maize root system is indirect(50 cell seedling trays wholesale). The basal internode of corn stalk is easy to break up and cause lodging if the soil is deficient in potassium.

(greenhouse trays and pots manufacturers canada)When the soil is seriously deficient in phosphorus, the plants tend to be dwarf(seed starter trays). The effect of light and density on stem growth of maize is short day crop, which is sensitive to light. Increasing the number of light hours per day will prolong the vegetative growth period, delay the differentiation process of male spike(40 cell propagation trays wholesale), increase the number of stem nodes, prolong the internode, and make the plant tall, the stem growth is robust.

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