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Since the 1970s, corn planting area has gradually expanded(rapid rooter tray). This area is rich in water and heat resources, and is an important commodity base for grain crops and cash crops in China. Autumn corn is mainly distributed in Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangxi and other provinces (regions), generally as the third crop in the triple cropping system(7 gallon pots distributor), and has the effect of water and drought rotation.

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With the increase of farmland irrigation area, the sunshine duration is 2600-3200 hours, the annual average temperature is 4-8 ℃(5 inch plastic pots), the accumulated temperature of ≥ 0 ℃ is 3000-4100 ℃, the accumulated temperature of ≥ 10 ℃ is 2500-2600 ℃, but the accumulated temperature of Southern Xinjiang can reach 4000 ℃(128 cell propagation trays wholesale). However, mainly spring corn, improve the level of scientific farming, the climate is dry, generally 5-6.

(plastic nursery supplies pots manufacturers canada)The annual precipitation is only 200-400mm, and the precipitation in some areas is less than 100mm(1.5 gallon pot), which is the main factor limiting the production of corn. The region is rich in light and heat resources, and has great potential for corn production, but little rainfall(162 cell propagation trays wholesale). With the development of farmland irrigation in the 70s, a part of corn was developed on the edge of alluvial fan in Xinjiang, which was once a year mature.

Two nodal roots grow at the base of internode meristem of stem(plastic flower pot price), and those growing on underground nodal are underground nodal roots, commonly known as secondary roots; those growing on underground nodal are aboveground nodal roots, commonly known as aerial roots or supporting roots. Nodal root is called adventitious root in botany(5 gallon plastic nursery pots). At this time, the radicle has many root hairs.(plastic nursery supplies pots manufacturers canada)

Without irrigation, there would be no agriculture(2 gallon fabric pots). Some areas are irrigated by melted snow water. When the seedlings are unearthed for about a week and grow 2-3 leaves, underground nodal roots of the first layer (actually the second layer) begin to occur at the base of the underground internode where the first complete leaf is born(5 gallon pots distributor). It indicates that the underground nodal root has played an important role at this time.

(plastic nursery supplies pots manufacturers canada)Primary radicle and secondary radicle constitute primary root system, which is the main root system in the early stage of maize seedling(thermoform pots). After the first layer of underground nodal root extends out, it first collapses to extend in the soil layer of 10-12 cm, and then extends vertically downward into the soil layer(bulk buy plastic plant pots). At present, the planting area is about 13 million mu, accounting for 2-3% of the total corn area in China.

Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of agricultural water conservancy(plant trays without holes), save water, increase the application of chemical fertilizer, develop green fertilizer, and expand the area of wheat, corn interplanting and intercropping of corn and beans according to local conditions(98 cell plug trays). The temperature difference between day and night in this area is large, which is very beneficial to the growth and development of corn.(plastic nursery supplies pots manufacturers canada)

When cutting 4-5 leaves, the primary roots will wither, the growth will be slow(v9 nursery pots), the color of the leaves will be light and purple red, and the leaves at the base of the plant will wither quickly; but when cutting 7-8 leaves, the primary roots will have little effect on the growth of the plant(4 inch plastic pots bulk). Later, with the continuous occurrence and increase of underground nodule root, its importance is gradually replaced by underground nodule root.

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