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High Quality Thermoformed Pots Manufacturers In NZ

The total yield of cultivated bacteria is the third only to Xiaobian and rice, while the yield per unit area is the first(plant pot manufacturers). China is one of the countries that grow the most corn in the world, with the planting area and total output second only to other countries(20 cell seed starting trays). Corn grain, as the refined feed for pigs, cattle, horses and poultry, has a significant effect on the yield and quality of the products.

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Among them, corn accounts for 50% of the food composition of Asians, more than 90%, Africa 25% and Latin America 40%(20 inch plastic flower pots). Corn accounts for a large proportion of the food composition of people in Northeast, north, northwest and southwest China. Corn starch is widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry and textile industry(40 cell seed starting trays). There are more than 160 kinds of industrial products processed directly with starch as raw material.

(high quality thermoformed pots manufacturers in nz)Yulai is not only an important food crop, but also a high-quality feed and industrial raw material for the development of animal husbandry hall(big plastic garden pots). Today, about one-third of the world's people use jade grains as their main food; generally, the feed value of each hundred jin of jade is equivalent to 135 Jin of oats, 180 Jin of sorghum or 130 Jin of barley(plastic plant pots bulk). The fresh and tender stems and leaves of corn are rich in back culture.

The Yuwei plant harvested from the milk stage to the ripening stage can be processed into green forage or silage(large black plastic pots for plants). Corn, as the source of high-quality materials for the development of animal husbandry, has the prospect of wide mailing. In the industry, corn oil is also used to make soap, brake oil, oil joint coating, etc.(16cm plastic grow pots), the most important of which are corn starch, which creates a new prospect for the development of corn industry.

Therefore, with the development of science and technology, the modern corn industry with comprehensive utilization of corn as raw material rose in the 1970s(injection molded pots). There are more than 500 kinds of industrial products processed with corn kernel and its reward products as raw materials, corn syrup, yucaiqing, etc(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots). In general, the fresh transportation of the pressed seeds can also be used for wine making, sugar or feed.(high quality thermoformed pots manufacturers in nz)

Corn based new application processing Shuzao fiber single element, rayon, paper, rubber pole, etc.(3 inch plastic nursery pots), corn de sugar can process and manufacture electric wood, thick cloth, cork, black powder, artificial fiber, as well as extraction and brewing, etc. With the breeding and promotion of high amino acid corn varieties, the feed quality of corn will be further improved(plastic nursery pots nz). Wang Lai is one of the most important cereal crops in the world.

(high quality thermoformed pots manufacturers in nz)According to incomplete statistics, the fructose content of corn syrup and corn crystal sugar produced in the world now is 77-90%(10 inch nursery pots), with high sweetness, good flavor and rich nutrition. Corn starch can also be used to process and manufacture chemical products such as acetic acid, alcohol, propyl alcohol and butanol(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price), and corn starch can be used to manufacture steel concentrate instead of gasoline, with low cost and good effect.

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