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High Quality Plastic Plant Pots Manufacturers Spain

Production land is the land used for seedling production(18 cell trays bulk), which can be further divided into sowing area, vegetative propagation area, transplanting seedling area, etc. After the country with relatively high soil conditions is selected, the devastating pests and diseases(32 cell tray), especially for the scarab larvae (wax), moth and ground tiger Special attention should be paid to the more hazardous and more common plots.

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The resistance of seedlings to poor environments is weak and requires careful management(36 cell trays bulk). Close to the water source, convenient irrigation, excellent soil quality, deep lifting; the camp wind is sunny, easy to prevent freezing. The sowing area, which is the production area of wall-seedling seedlings, is the main part of the production land(7.48inch plastic plant pots). Transplanted seedling area is a production area for growing large seedlings.(high quality plastic plant pots manufacturers spain)

The most favorable natural and operating conditions in the country should be selected as the sowing area(40 cell trays bulk). Human, material and production facilities should meet the growth requirements of seedlings to the maximum. Specifically, the planting area should be located in a place with fertile soil, good aeration, near water, flat land, convenient drainage and irrigation(herb plug trays). The terrain should be high and flat, and the slope should be less than 2.

(high quality plastic plant pots manufacturers spain)At the same time, the habits of tree species should be considered for arrangement(40 cell tray in bulk), such as the nutrient compaction (mainly supporting) area of poplars and willows, lower depressions can be used appropriately, and some precious or difficult survival seedlings should be close to the management area(72 cell plug flats), In a place where it is convenient to set up special equipment such as hotbeds and shades, or to raise seedlings in a greenhouse.

When the seedlings propagated from the sowing area and the vegetative propagation area need to be further cultivated into larger seedlings(51 cell trays bulk), they should be moved to the transplant area for cultivation. Generally, a thick soil layer, a low groundwater level, and a neat plot are selected. In the configuration of tree species(7.88inch plastic plant pots), attention should be paid to the different habits of each tree species, close to the management area.

Some tree species often move a few times every 2-3 years according to different specifications and growth rates, gradually expanding the plant row spacing and increasing the nutrient area(104 cell trays bulk). It should be located in a place with deep soil layer, high groundwater level and convenient irrigation, but it is not as strict as the sowing area(50 cell tray). This area has basically the same requirements as the sowing area.(high quality plastic plant pots manufacturers spain)

Such as poplar and willow can be set in low humidity areas, pine, cypress and other evergreen trees should be set in a relatively dry and deep soil(128 cell seedling start trays), in order to facilitate the earth out of the nursery. The vegetative breeding area is a production area for cultivating nutrient seedlings, that is, an area for cultivating stock seedlings, bead seedlings, branched forest seedlings and grafted seedlings(72 cell flats). Therefore, the transplant area covers a large area.

(high quality plastic plant pots manufacturers spain)The transplanted seedling area can be placed in a place with poor soil conditions(72 cell seed starting trays). The large seedling area is a cultivation area for various types of large seedlings with a growing body shape, a relatively young seedling age, and plastic surgery. The seedlings cultivated in this area are usually transplanted one or more times in the transplantation area(heavy duty plug trays). Yuanqian will no longer be transplanted, and the cultivation period is longer.

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