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Cheap Plastic Plant Pots Manufacturers Puerto Rico

It is very important to sterilize the inscriptions before planting, especially for those tree species with longer rooting time(gallon plant pot). In general, organic agents, Bordeaux solution, carbendazim, Brett, tobuzin and chlorothalonil can be used for the sterilization of cuttings. Marriage stone is a mica mineral rich in silicon, aluminum, iron, iron and other elements(flat plastic tray). In addition, acetic acid is forbidden and dibutyric acid is also used.

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It has the characteristics of water conservation, heat preservation, ventilation and so on(propagation tray). It is suitable for use as a supporting matrix. The base of the cuttings was soaked in a low concentration of plant growth. Generally, the concentration is 10-80 × 10mg / ml(seed starter trays). The ear strips shall be put into the bucket or wrapped with wet cloth and plastic film, and transported to the German strip processing site quickly.(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers puerto rico)

Generally, the above medicament with 1000 times of liquid is used for soaking for 15-30min, while Bordeaux liquid is treated with 1000ml water, 400g copper sulfate and 400 quicklime(cell trays). Sometimes fungicide treatment and growth hormone treatment are carried out at the same time(black plastic plant pots). The treatment with plant growth hormone can effectively improve the rooting rate, shorten the rooting time and increase the number of roots.

(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers puerto rico)The method is simple and rapid, but the effect is not as good as low concentration immersion method(plug trays). Dissolve it in a small amount of anhydrous alcohol first, then mix it with a small amount of talcum powder. Place it in a cool place until the alcohol has evaporated. Grind it and then mix it with a certain amount of talcum powder(nursery plant pots). The contact shall be carried out tomorrow or in the morning when the dew is not dry.

But the general principle is: as long as the plug can be fixed, the plug should be shallow rather than deep(square nursery pots). If the cuttings are too deep, the base of cuttings will not ventilate well, which is easy to cause rot and slow rooting. Plugging should be carried out on cloudy days, in the morning or in the evening(cheap 2 gallon container). In large scale reproduction, the temporary installation of lighting tools can be considered at night.(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers puerto rico)

There are two ways to deal with it, one is to soak in the base and the other is to soak in the base(gallon nursery pots). Preparation method: high concentration and quick dip. Dissolve the plant growth regulator in a small amount of 50% alcohol, then dilute it to a certain concentration with 0% alcohol solution, the concentration is generally 5-20 × 10mg / m(3 gallon pots manufacturer), dip the base part of the sugar in the solution for about 2m for 1-5 seconds.

(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers puerto rico)First, the ABT rooting powder or grin butyric acid or thailic acid was dissolved in a small amount of 50% alcohol solution(plastic grow pots). The success of the whole light fog insertion seedling depended mainly on whether the spray could be reasonably sprayed according to the requirement of moisture in different periods(bulk 4 gallon pots). At present, ABT rooting powder is the most widely used in production. Generally, the depth of underpinning is about 2An.

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