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Cheapest Rice Seedling Tray Suppliers In Vietnam

For the fruiting branch group with successive results(plant pot suppliers), the number and degree of the short cut in the latter half of the branch group should be paid attention to, and the appropriate proportion of the fruiting branch and the preparatory branch should be strictly controlled, that is, a tree should keep V3 branch bearing fruit every year, / 3 branch should form flower bud in the same year(4 cell trays bulk), and V3 branch should grow after short cut.

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The method of spraying cytokinin is to spray or dip the plant with 10 ~ 2epppm benzyladenine before harvest(wholesale plastic garden pots). When harvesting, take a root of about 3cm, shake off the soil on the vegetables and break off the yellow leaves. Choose a place beside the wind barrier or in the shade of the house, level the ground, splash some water(6 cell trays bulk), and freeze the ground, so that it can bear fruit in turn, and prevent the bearing in large and small years.(cheapest rice seedling tray suppliers in vietnam)

The thickness of soil cover is suitable for just covering spinach(plastic plant pots wholesale). After heavy snow, the soil will be covered again as the temperature drops, and the total thickness of the soil is generally about 15-25cm. In the early stage of burial, attention should be paid to inspection(8 cell trays bulk). When appropriate, the soil should be removed in the morning for ventilation to prevent the leaves from turning yellow due to the increase of temperature. It is covered with fine soil.

(cheapest rice seedling tray suppliers in vietnam)It can also be stored in place(succulent plug trays). Cover the frozen potherb with permafrost layer for about 6 meters, and cover it with soil again after the snow festival to keep the potherb and cover soil frozen. Uncover the permafrost before listing and thaw naturally in the sun. The harvest time of coriander depends on the climate change(72 cell trays). It is most appropriate to harvest when it freezes at night, thaws when the sun comes out, and freezes in the shade.

In recent years, this kind of nutritive mud is not only suitable for vegetable seedling, but also can be used in the seedling of grain, cotton, flowers and medicinal materials(plastic seedling trays). If the layer spacing is not enough, 50-60cm can be left for cutting(3.54inch plastic nursery pots). In vegetable production, a new cultivation method, hydroponics vegetable method, is adopted. It is an important link for high yield to implement crop rotation and stubble rotation correctly.

Take out the frozen spinach before it goes on the market, put it in a cold room or ground kiln at 4-8 ℃ to thaw gradually, and then process and arrange it for the market after thawing(plug flats wholesale). Generally, it is harvested four or five days after the light snow festival. Store in a cool place for 2-6 days to cool the vegetables(72 cell trays bulk). Winter spinach is harvested five or six days after the snow festival. Bundle into 2.5kg-3kg bundles with roots up and leaves down.(cheapest rice seedling tray suppliers in vietnam)

It is easy to return alkali around the planting hole, which is harmful to seedling growth, so it is necessary to cultivate in time(plastic succulent pots). If there is a gap around the planting hole, the hot air will radiate from here to the outside after the ground temperature rises, which is easy to steam the seedlings(4.33inch plastic nursery pots). In addition, the planting hole and the damaged part are easy to be blown by the wind, so the soil pressure around the planting hole must be tight.

(cheapest rice seedling tray suppliers in vietnam)Then cover with 6cm thick fine soil. Do not take heat such as leaves or horse manure in the fine soil(24 cell trays bulk). After the selection of the first layer of main branches, pay attention to the position of the second layer of main branches. After 30-40cm is cut in the second year, 60-80cm is left for cutting and enough layer spacing is left for the selection of the second layer of main branches in the next year(12 cell trays bulk). After inspection, Jiang buried them with soil.

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