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In addition to controlling the moisture content of the seeds and the relative humidity of the atmosphere, the temperature of the dry seal should be controlled(plastic plant pots canada). Place the sealed seeds in a seed storage that can control the low temperature. The temperature in the storage is about 0°C, and a humidity control device is required(4.33inch plastic plant pots). The relative humidity is controlled below 50%. Such seeds are suitable for wet storage.

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Suitable seeds for wet storage include Banxuan, ridges, ginkgo, horse chestnut, bamboo cypress, oak, sandalwood, plum wood, camellia, oil tung, etc(sowing tray). Sealed dry storage Sealed dry storage must strictly control the moisture content of the seeds and the relative humidity in the container(seed cell trays). If the air is well ventilated, the carbon dioxide around the seeds can be dissipated, ensuring that the seeds are often in a dry state.(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers panama)

If appropriate low temperature is adopted(plant germination trays). Guarantee a certain humidity, control mold and prevent germination, it can also be stored for 2 years. Even the existing Miaogu should maximize its satisfaction in both the operating conditions and the natural conditions. Some seeds have high water content, and the seeds must be kept at a high humidity during storage to ensure the vitality of the seeds(128 cell trays). Generally only store one winter.

Wet seeds can be stored indoors and outdoors(seed starting tray wholesale). The seeds of wet storage should be mixed with wet sand, which has good ventilation and even moisture retention. The humidity of the sand varies depending on the seeds. Camellia, ginkgo, oak and other seeds use wet sand with a moisture content of about 15%(4.72inch plastic plant pots); seeds of chestnut, general, walnut, moving trees, and mechanical trees can use wet sand with a moisture content of about 30% .

(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers panama)The temperature is preferably 2℃-3℃, because wet seeds are not resistant to low temperatures and are susceptible to freezing damage, but the temperature should not be too high to avoid germination or poisoning(plastic flower pots manufacturers). The conditions of the seedling enclosure directly affect the cost and quality of seedling cultivation(seedling trays). Seeds stored in unsealed aeration conditions generate carbon dioxide due to respiration.

Before wetting the seeds, we must carry out disease and insect control, dew steaming and spraying, but the seeds that are about to germinate or move forward should not be used with medicine to avoid damage(plant cell trays). Huang Yuan is the base for producing excellent magic seedlings and one of the material foundations for cultivating strong seedlings(v14 nursery pots). Walls of different quality, different specifications, Seedlings of different weeks.(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers panama)

It is necessary to choose a place with excellent natural and environmental conditions as the seedling country to repair the optimal environment for the growth of seedlings(6 cell plant trays). The management of seedling maps not only requires the application of advanced scientific techniques and management, but also needs to meet the environmental conditions for the growth of seedlings to the greatest extent(plug plant trays). The volume of sand is 2~3 times of the seed volume.

(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers panama)When establishing a seedling surface, the choice of solid ground is very important(50 cell plug trays). Improper choice of land will bring irreparable losses to the nursery work, not only wasting a lot of manpower and material resources, but also will compensate for the wrong work of afforestation(farm tray). When determining the specific location of the Miao country, it is necessary to consider both the operating conditions and the natural conditions.

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