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Thermoforming Plastic Seed Trays Wholesale Price UK

The flowered stems without peeling old skins are thick and thin, easy to break, and affect the yield of spring onions(1020 trays). After bolting, we must take good windproof measures, clip the fence on both sides of the flower stem (a little thinner), then tie the two fences with the cross bar, sandwich the flower stem in the middle(plastic terracotta pots), do not pinch the flower stem, the cross bar should be placed under the sauce bud So that it can be protected from windstorms.

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You can pour human excrement after bolting to make it firm(rice seedling tray). If the mother shallot has a share, you must remove it at any time, so as not to affect the seed quality. When the flower bud is blooming and the upper part of the fruit is black, it can be picked in stages. The harvested seeds can be rubbed lightly by hand after drying on the mat for 4 ~ 5 days (not rubbed once). The first scrub is the first-class seeds, and then rubbed a second time(seed starter trays). After screening, put them into cloth pockets for use.

(thermoforming plastic seed trays wholesale price uk)The label indicates that it should be stored in a cool place(1 gallon nursery pots). Summer sowing is generally not soaked and germinated. The seeds are broadcast live. The width of the seeding and the row spacing are 5 cm each. More than 10,000 kg of organic fertilizer should be applied per mu. After experimental observation, the above-mentioned Yangwayu seedlings(black plastic plant pots), the old plants with peeled old skins are mossed, and the thickness of the flower stems is equal to that of the old plants.

The amount of seeding is 1-2 grams per square meter and the soil is covered with 0.5-1 mm(5 gallon plant pot). After sowing, it can be covered with plastic film for about 10 days to promote its emergence. After 60 days, the seedling height is 15-20 cm, and it can be planted in the open at the end of April according to the row spacing of 20 × 12 cm (one mu of seedlings can be planted 5-6 mu) If the seedlings are too high(plastic gardening pots), a part can be cut out to facilitate survival. Wide-width seeding is used.

To apply organic fertilizer and phosphate fertilizer, in order to facilitate the fullness of the seeds(200 cell seed starting trays); in addition, we must pay attention to watering and top dressing regularly to ensure the growth of the mother onion seedlings. The seedlings appear with 4 to 5 leaves, and the seedlings can be planted within 40 to 50 days. Always keep the transparency of the film or glass(50 cell plug trays supplier). Before planting, sufficient base fertilizer must be applied, especially sandy soil.(thermoforming plastic seed trays wholesale price uk)

Water should be irrigated immediately after sowing, usually once a day to keep the ground moist(square nursery pots). Celery planted in summer is the high temperature season, the temperature must be controlled at the seedling stage, and more water should be irrigated, sprayed or covered with shade to reduce the temperature(105 cell plug trays supplier). It is necessary to plant seedlings and eliminate weeds in time to prevent the seedlings from crowding. Celery seeds are extremely small and difficult to germinate.

After selecting a good seed, it should be planted in time according to the local climate conditions(15 gallon tree pots). Sowing should be done on a slightly higher terrain, easy to drain, leeward and sunny, and have sufficient fertility to carefully prepare the ground and do wow. If possible, irrigation can be carried out 5 days before planting, so as to slow down seedlings after planting(32 cell plug trays supplier). For planting, strong seedlings should be selected for planting and reasonable dense planting.

(thermoforming plastic seed trays wholesale price uk)Turn the ground more than 30 cm deep, mix the base fertilizer with the soil evenly, level the floor with a fine rake, and do the seedlings well(plastic plant trays). Each plant should be planted with 3 plants per hole, and the row spacing between holes should be 12 × 12 Pem. When the weather is hot, take the method of planting along the water while placing the water(72 cell plant trays bulk); planting can be planted directly on cloudy days, and then water is released to promote slow seedlings.

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