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Best Rice Seedling Tray Wholesale Suppliers Indonesia

Cover the bitter grass in the first half of the year, and remove the bitter grass in the first half of March of the following year(plastic planters suppliers). It will be available in the market from early April to late April. Before sowing, germinate the seeds at a temperature of 15-20 ° C (7-8 days in the cellar), sow the seeds in July(104 cell plug trays supplier), and then spread a layer of sieved fine soil after sowing, and use the grass curtain or poplar branches to cool down.

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When the sprouts top the soil, pour water(shallow microgreen trays). After the seedlings emerge, the ground should be kept moist, and weeding and aphid prevention should be carried out in time. Aphids, pay attention to plowing, soil cultivation, watering, etc. This method produces chives with high yield and good quality(105 cell seed trays wholesale). The function of the black film is to absorb light, increase temperature and keep warm, and the straw mat is mainly used to adjust the humidity in the shed.(best rice seedling tray wholesale suppliers indonesia)

Before planting, irrigate the seedlings with water once, pull out the seedlings with water, after pulling out, break off the lower part of the root, leave about 3 cm, and get wet in the water(deep cell plug trays). Growing seedlings in wide and narrow rows is to open a trench every 50 ~ 60 cm, the depth of the trench is 10 cm, the width is 12 cm, each trench is planted in 3 rows(32 cell seed trays wholesale), the seedling spacing is 7 cm, and about 25,000 seedlings are planted per mu, after planting, water the foot and root.

he cultivation site uses concave borders, applying base fertilizer, wow width is about 70 cm, wow width is about 35 cm, row spacing is 10 cm, plant spacing is 4 cm, 2 to 3 plants per hole(large plastic planters uk). Water slowly in the seedling stage, control the watering in the squatting period, and apply a small amount of top dressing to prevent the roots from becoming long(13cm plastic grow pots). The method is to use two wooden strips to separate the two adjacent rows, and put the soil between the rows between the rows.

(best rice seedling tray wholesale suppliers indonesia)Be careful not to store it in plastic bags or iron cans so as not to affect the germination rate(plant pot suppliers). TCelery softening cultivation, should choose solid species resistant to disease and cold, and loam soil rich in organic matter, water and fertilizer. After squatting the seedlings, apply rapid-acting nitrogen fertilizer all over, and apply appropriate phosphorus and potassium fertilizers to ensure sufficient water(14cm plastic grow pots). Can be harvested before and after the Spring Festival.

Generally, in the middle and late August, the old stems of the last season's green celery are used for asexual reproduction without any treatment(wholesale plastic garden pots). They are directly discharged on the seedbed prepared in advance, watered enough, and covered with soil, ash and vegetable garden soil. When the seedling age reaches 35 ~ 40 days, about 4 ~ 5 true leaves will be planted(18 cell plug trays supplier). There is no need to fertilize and water after soil cultivation. In management, the sowing volume per mu is 1 ~ 1.5 kg.

The thickness of the soil cultivation is based on the degree of not burying the heart leaf, and it is cultivated every 4 to 5 days, and a total of 3 to 4 times(plastic plant pots wholesale). When the plant height is about 25 cm, the weather turns cool, and the soil is cultivated when there is no dew in the afternoon on a sunny day. (Before cultivating, water should be poured 2 to 3 times to facilitate the growth of the soil.) The soil should be finely crushed and not mixed with feces to prevent corrosion(20 cell plug trays supplier).

Leeks are sown with seeds, which can germinate at a low temperature of 3 ~ 5 ℃, but the most suitable temperature for germination is 12 ~ 20 ℃, and the suitable temperature for growth is between 12 ~ 24 ℃(succulent plug trays). Leek is more resistant to high temperatures in summer, and can be hot without sleeping, but it grows slowly under high temperature conditions and the leaf fibers increase, so the quality of summer leeks is not as good as that of spring leeks(40 cell plug trays supplier).(best rice seedling tray wholesale suppliers indonesia)

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